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Using ID with Microsoft Objects

Update on my project

Didn't get to spend much time on the project, today.  I got appointments to create on my older Gateway tablet, but couldn't get them to work on my new Lenovo, which is where I have working on this.  The weird part is that I couldn't Add an Reference to the Microsoft Office PIAs, but when I transferred the program to the other computer using my network, added the code to create a task, and then moved it back, the PIA reference was there. Weirdness.


I've decided to add a "reminder time" to the project, and with a little research found I can use the DateTimePicker to get my time. 


And now I'm fighting with the notebook again.  The district installed Groupwise which is getting into the way.  I am deleting the Groupwise account now, but am probably going to have to uninstall Groupwise.