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I'm busy this summer too

 Was reading:

I am looking over my schedule for summer… and guess what … its FULL! I don’t get summer’s off anymore but I want the world to know how busy summer is while the teachers are gone.

Source: Summer Vacation … not for me. at Snapshots of Technology Integration

So my summer:

I believe I am working on the Curriculum Guide for 2nd semester for Computer Science I (Visual Basic).

I know I am working on the district finals (ACP's).

I am doing 21 hours of staff development with the district and probably teach 7 of them.

I am going to CSTA Annual Conference on June 28 in San Antonio.

I'm going to a Microsoft sponsored workshop on Alice and Computational Media in July. 

Also going to First Bytes, for two days in Austin at University of Texas.

I will take a one week AP Workshop in August.

The first two should be paying gigs, but we got technology for the first one when I did 1st semester, so that might be that way too.

It's a lot more traveling than I usually do too.  San Antonio and Austin -- I'm flying both of those, and I'm driving to Vegas.  My husband wants to do that and is going too.  We may vacation in San Diego after, depends on who I get to dog sit.


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