AP Computer Science -- 2008 Free Response
Documentation can be SO irritating!

First permutation of the project

I've created a simple Windows -- not Windows Mobile yet -- application that shows the date of the next infusion change if the user has put in the number of days, or has put in the Total number of units and the average daily total. The application does several things I haven't done before:

  1. Add days to the current date value -- super easy -- Date.Today.AddDays(intTDDDays) where the arguments is the number of days to add.
  2. Set values in the registry -- again easy -- SaveSetting("InfusionSetHelper", "Settings", "TDD", strTDD)
  3. Retrieve values in the registry -- again easy -- Me.txtTotal.Text = GetSetting("InfusionSetHelper", "Settings", "Total", "")


So the next decision to be made, is do I make this a Windows program that updates outlook, so should I got straight to the Windows Mobile application.  I think having it both places might be useful.