Best of Both Worlds
More on the potential Windows Mobile Application

Finally -- A useful application to write

I have been trying to come up with an "after AP Exam" activity that will motivate all my students to think about software development in a positive way.  I am going to have the AP students do some of the research for the cross platform.

I've finally figured it out. 

An infusion set alarm.  This is something that could be cross platform too.  It could be written for the Palm Pilot and generate ToDo items.

I want my ToDay screen to show me when I should change my infusion set.  This is a program that should run on my mobile phone since

a) it really should run on my pump, and alarm me on the pump, but since my pump doesn't do that, and since I don't have access to that software, the mobile phone is the next best thing, since it is almost always with me.

b) running it on the desktop isn't the greatest of options, because I something have to replace a set off schedule (comes off during dog agility, pull off accidently, etc.)

There are two factors that influence how often an infusion set should be changed.

1)  Days.  An infusion set should be changed at least everything 3 days, but this is a variable that the user should be able to change in the options menu.

2)  Amount of insulin.  Most Type 1's are not aware of this, but you can really only push about 300-400 units through a set before skin starts breaking down.  At least that's the way it works for me, and my CDE said "duh" when I mentioned it.  Again, the user should be able to change this in the options menu.

3)  When a user indicates they have changed their set, the current open task should be marked complete.  A new task should be generated using the first of the two above factors.


1)  Research how to create a Task from Visual Basic/WIndows Mobile

2) Create a user interface

3) Design algorithm.

I am going to document my progress on the log and make what I write available to the Diabetes community.

FYI:  This application has all the things of a good software project:

a) It satisfies a need

b) It does not already exist.  If it does, I haven't hear of it which is a bit amazing.  However, the Cozmo pump has this feature, I believe.