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November 2007

Will the Kindle Change the World of Textbooks?

I hope not.

Is Kindle the book that changes the world of textbooks in a dramatic way?

Computer Science Teacher - Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson : Will the Kindle Change the World of Textbooks

First, the price!  It's as expensive as a mobile phone with out the connection discounts, and almost as expensive as a laptop.

I already have the capacity to read books -- on my Pocket PC phone, and I keep several on my storage card for doctor's visits and other places where I have to wait.

I even have the capacity to download books wirelessly.  Again, Pocket PC phone.  Ereader if you care.

I am disappointed that Amazon did away with their original book service (I had downloaded a book from them and it wasn't bad).

However, I like Ereader much better.

Besides I can also read the books on my PC.

No Tree or Server Found error in Groupwise

This error has driven me nuts for years, and I have finally figured out how to fix it.  My clue came from  when I was trying to reimage a workstation with Ghost and got a "no DHCP server" error, even though the workstation was plugged into the network.

Sometimes when we reboot, it starts working but more often than not, it doesn't.

So here's the "fix".  Go ahead and log into the workstation without Novell.  Then disable the networking connection, and then reenable it.  It only takes one try so far.

The weird part is that I have the IP address of the server hardcoded, so we should ever see that message.  However, I don't think it is a Novell problem, I think the workstation really didn't get an IP address correctly.

My Chumby is here!

I first saw the Chumby last year and thought it would be fun for me and my students to play with.  However, I think I'm going to keep this one and replace my alarm clock with it.

Just got it out, programmed it and haven't really done anything yet. 

What's a Chumby? of course!

And here's a picture of it, I hope.  Mine is black -- though it doesn't photograph as well.