Weaver's Law


Okay, it's been awhile since I've blogged.  STEM money, family money and some other grant money have all come together, and I've been picking up some little toys.

One is a Cingular 8525.  I was sort of thinking of waiting for the TILT and going with Windows Mobile 6, but I really liked the Cingular 8525 so picked it up a few weeks ago.

Well, last night I had a few free moments at Frye's -- I've been thinking of ordering a GSP Bluetooth Receiver on line, cheap, but I was a bit afraid of it.  You, I had a GPS receiver a long time ago when you could hook one up to a Palm pilot.  Didn't work well.

Well, I picked up a Nokia one for $49.99 and man is it sweet.  For me, it's perfect, with either Google maps or Live Search.  I may have to go somewhere just to play with it.


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