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First Week

Very interesting schedule this year, and my plate is quite full. 

First Period
I have CS I and 3 AP Students.

Second Period
PreCS and about 6 AP Students

Third Period
PreCS and about 6 AP Students

Fourth Period
Off -- Very nice, it's our lunch period

Fifth Period

Sixth Period
CS I and 2 AP Students

7th Period


I really want to kill Web Mastering.  They keep adding to the products we teach: I have go to over the Office products, but we do produce web pages with all of them.  HTML, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop, FireWorks, and Flash.  That's way to much material in my opinion for the level of student that Web Mastering attracts.

I manage to kill Web Mastering every few years, then get talked into bringing it back.

However, right now, our population is finally getting stable -- we were very over crowded and really need someone else to teach Webmastering.  In fact, we were so full I had trouble servicing all the kids who needed CS.  If our population remains where we are at now, I really do need to teach either Webmastering or will have to teach math.  However, I really do like teaching math in the computer lab.

We'll have to see.

But I'm definitely going to teach Webmastering the way I think it should be taught.


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