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Coding Horror: Learning, or, Learning How To Learn

I've been reading this blog for a while, and he gets it.  Learning how to learn has always been the key to my educational philosophy, and I have to credit Dr. Danny Carter, chairman of the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi for it.  The college where I used my B.S.

At first, I was incredulous. But after considering my own high school educational experience, it started to make more sense. And certainly after attending college for a year, I knew exactly what he meant. The value of education isn't in the specific material you learn-- it's in learning how to learn.

Coding Horror: Learning, or, Learning How To Learn

Office Depot Rebates

FINALLY!  I purchased a Gateway convertible notebook computer from Office Depot -- through their delivery, rather than in store.  I had not every done one of their rebates that way, since it came with no receipt -- just the box.  I did have an email receipt.

I've checked about every week since I sent it in and it had not shown up -- but finally today it did.  They have everything they need and are waiting for the validation period.

Office Depot rocks!

Vista -- Finally

Seriously, I finally have a computer that has Vista on it. 

Back at Christmas, I bought an Emachines that was cheap but advertised as Vista ready.  Haven't done much with it, as I knew I wanted to load Vista.

Finally, it was time to order it, did, and took months to arrive.  Then installed Vista -- or tried to, because I got a STOP error and blue screen of death as soon as I tried the upgrade.  Called support got an answer that didn't work, but since it was close to the end of the school year and I was busy, I decided to hold off.

Finally two weeks ago, called support, asked for help and they told me I needed more memory.  Ordered it, waited for it to come in, and installed it.  STILL same error.  Last Thursday, called in, told them what was going on, and they scratched their heads and said it would have to be sent to the lab.

Lab emailed me today, to ask what System board I had, as I needed a BIOS upgrade.  Glad they verified as the BIOS update they wanted to send me was for the wrong mother board.

Installed it, and an hour later I have Vista.  So far, I'm not really impressed but it DOES work.