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I've been careful posting because I've been up for an award from my school district.

I applied for and won the TI STEM Award.  I go to the Board Meeting on Thursday for recognization, and another opportunity in August.

But here's the good news!  It's $5,000 for myself, and $5,000 for my classroom.

One of the things I'm trying to do, is to go to the Carnegie Melon AP Workshop on July 7, then the CS4HS Workshop, and then Alice Workshop.  The means being away from my "family" for 21 days.

I've already decided if I go, I'm taking my truck and one of my dogs.  Twice I've gone to Carnegie Melon on the cheap, where I flew in hours before the workshop, had not transportation and worst yet, no dogs.

I will only take one.  So far, I'm looking at an Extended Stay of America hotel.  They did tell me that the traffic is bad because you have to go throuh a tunnel.

Another option would be stay on campus and find a pet sitter near the campus where I could visit with her in the evenings. 

I'm also going to get a Microsoft software subscription for my classroom.

I'm still shopping for everything else.


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Alfred Thompson

Wonderful news! Congratulations!!

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