Next Year
Man, I'm glad I'm not an administrator

Cross Your Fingers -- Mine are

I'm up for a district award and tomorrow they are coming to my classroom to help choose who is going to be a finalist.  They are going to observe for 30 minutes.

It's a district, teaching with technology award.  %5.000 for me, $5,000 for the classroom.  I'm one of 12 semifinalist, and they are picking 7 finalists.

I have done a little shopping -- first, since some of the money is for staff development, I'm hoping to go to Carnegie-Melon this summer to three workshops in a row.  An AP workshop, the CS4HS workshop and an Alice workshop.

Other good things have happened lately, I got picked for my favorite summer project which is to write our district final -- this year for Visual Basic.  I've done Webmastering and PreAP in the past, and I've been wanting to do the Visual Basic for a while.

I'm also getting a chance to do some Kagan training.  We've got two days scheduled (and paid) for the two days after Memorial Weekend.

I'm also kicking around the idea of doing some web development for pay this summer, I looked at Monster and there seems to be quite a few short term contract jobs available.