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December 2006

Rebate on my Cingular 8125

If you guys recall, or go back to the archives, I have a new telephone which I love. Well, I got the rebate back today and so far, I'm loving that too. They sent me a Visa card with $100 on it.

So far, it looks good. I just activated it, and hope to use it. The only weird part is that if you use it to buy gas, you can't use it at the pump -- I think that's because of how debit cards are handled at the pump.

Dallas Morning News has it SO wrong...

Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | Education Columnist Scott Parks

I really don't care for this guys opinion when it comes to education. I rarely think that he gets it right.

I also don't know what is going on at Preston Hollow right now, and in the past few years, BUT ...

I teach their older siblings.

All of my classes are completely mixed. Though my AP CS is the least mixed but the sample size is smallest -- 3 anglo boys and 2 hispanic girls -- though one of the anglo boys has not been educated in America until recently and wants to go back to Europe to school.

I have black, hispanic and aglo students in every other class. Even my Pre AP classes are fairly well represented by each ethic group. I will say that the majority of my students are Hispanic.

I also believe that the students treat each other fairly most of the time, and that race or background rarely comes into play.

If students are being placed in classroom based on their skin color and not their proficiency that has to stop. I just don't see it at our school.