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November 2006

HP Computer Problems finally solved!

Several months ago, shortly after I started this blog, I had an HP Pavalion 521n die.  I really liked the machine, but I started seeing an potential hard drive failure.

I tried replacing the hard drive, even ordered the orginal disks from HP and EVEN asked their tech support, but no one could give me a reason as to why the computer wouldn't boot.

Well I had an even older motherboard/computer finally fail, something I've been expecting for a long time, pulled the components out of it I wanted to keep, mainly the hard drive, CD-Writer, and the DVD-Writer. 

I decided to throw the working, bootable hard drive in the HP.  It booted!  So I finally pulled the original hard drive and I figured out why it wouldn't work.  It's set up cable select for the slave/master drive.  I haven't seen that in years! 

So it's up and working.

I am thinking about trading the DVD-drive for the DVD writer. 

I no longer feel quite the failure!  And hopefully this information will help the next guy.

And why didn't HP Tech Support tell me that!

How do you pronounce char?

I was reminded again how much the mispronouncing of char bothers me.  I was at an AP Workshop this weekend and one of the presenters consistently makes this mistake.

I maintain that if you pronounce it as it is spelled -- 'char' as in burned -- you don't get the concept and neither will your students. 

char is short for character.  It should be pronounced as an abbreviation for character, thus pronounced 'care', not 'char'. 

It's like int for integer.

It automatically turns me off the speaker, because they just don't get the concept.

8125 is a laptop killer

At least for me. Especially if there is wifi around. I did not open my laptop while I was in houston. Virtual earth got me there. Ereader kept my luggage weight down. I had email,gmail, and district email access 24/7. So, I mailed in the rebate form today.

I wrote a VB program for my 8125 today

We have Visual Studio 2003 on our computers, and I had a spare moment today, so I took a few minutes and wrote a quick and dirty VB program, created the CAB and downloaded it to my phone.  Same level of program my regular CS kids are writing and creating.

I am not sure they got how cool it is that it is THAT easy to do, hopefully they will.  I'm going to show all my classes that today.

By the way, I got the idea of doing it from Alfred Thompson's blog! 


So far I like the 8125 after using it for a week. Biggest problem ... diabetes software but I still have my Treo and an Zire. The Treo still works of course and switching to it just takes moving the SIM. Gmaps doesn't work but Virtual Earth Mobile does. The Internet and email works much better. Syncing is easier. Actually everything I do on a regular basis is easier on the 8125. I have ordered a case similar to the case I have for the Treo. Silicon that takes little extra room. I have also ordered a screen protector.