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October 2006

Phone SharpMT

I am trying the edition and it is working much better than the pocket version. At the moment I have the functionality I use on a regular basis though I am trying to decide what to do about diabetes software. Free software is not easy to find

New Toy

I am playing with a Windows Smart Phone while waiting for the Treo 680 to come out. Things I like: the ability to do Windows things especially internet explorer. its official... Blazer sucks the weird part is that the blogging software cannot handle the keyboard well. my students who have seen it think I should keep it and dump the palm os FYI its a Cingular 8125


Okay, I am hooked and I am in love.

Went to CS4HS this summer.  First, I will say, I am not a good traveler, and I don't like sitting still.  Thus I don't do workshops well.

But I am in love with Raptor.  See

I put it on my computers, took a few seconds.  I printed out the first handout and gave it to the kids yesterday. 

Today I had them write "Hello World".  Boring... but necessary in my opinion.

Then I had them write a program that got two numbers from the user and out put the sum.  I'll come back after 4th and let you know how it went, but ...

I have six kids in 1st period PreAP.  2 "got it".  2 still think the rest of us have another head.  2 understand why the first two got it, but think that they are weird. 

Frankly, I've never had kids engaged in programming this fast.