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August 2006

Two weeks in

This year is going better than I can remember any year going so far.

I have just under 120 students.  Last year I had 180.  Makes a huge difference.

I've got my A* CS I kids programming.  I'm having a bit of a problem getting my A* CS II kid going but he has always been that way.  He'll go days without working and then turn in EVREYTHING.  Drives me nuts, but that's the way he is.

A* stands for two words that are copyrighted or some such by the college board.

I've decided that I have to let my PreAP kids fly and let my Webmastering kids plod.  I don't have many webmastering kids, but 2 of them can't speak English, much less type it, or read it.

At any rate, I'm really glad I waited out last year, and I have things the way I want them now.

I even have a printer!

Online Course

All four of my online students showed up for our kickoff -- face to face meeting.  The main reason we met in person, was to give the kiddos their laptops.  That makes things very nice.  I have set up -- and need to publish, a movie on how to download and install Java, but it is much nicer that we gave it to the kiddos done.

Two of my students have completed their first assignment -- email me.  One sort of has, but is having issues installing his ISP.  I haven't heard from the fourth yet.

I'm really excited about this.  Each student is from a different high school which means we'll get good word of mouth.

I'm actually hoping to teach AP CS online next year.

Connecting with Parents

I did something new this year (and remember, I didn't teach CS at the beginning of the year last year).

The District Acceptable Use Policy form I gave to students had a place for parents to put their email address.  So as I got each of the permission slips back, I emailed each parent that included that the form.

I got nothing but positive responses, and I have placed all the responses in a seperate folder in my email account, so if I do need to contact a parent, I can check for them in that folder.

Basically I just put each child's name in the subject heading.  In the body of the message, I introduced myself and  told the parent that they should contact me if they had quetions or concerns.

I did get several questions, all easily answered.

AP Results

I can't remember if I posted this -- but I got my AP results, though I didn't get ALL of them.  My alternate tested passed too!

So I had two AP Computer Science A students pass and one AP Computer Science AB students pass.  Unfortunately my alternate passer misproved my theory -- she did not have me before, but one of the students I taught, taught her.  So that is almost as good.

First day back to school

First, I'm "officially" an old teacher. One of my former students is teaching in our building (French).

Second, I might start blogging for my students here -- haven't decided -- or I might start a special blog for them.

I don't think I have a big audience, but do you think it would be better to do a seperate blog or not?