Summer "pay"
Former student

Summer School -- Almost over

I enjoyed teaching it. As always, these students frustrated me. One finally pushed too many buttons today, I just got sick of him yelling at me. "Miss, I need to go to the restroom". That sort of thing.

I had to do some creative grading. And I had a student fail out of each class, which was sad, but they didn't do what they were told.

Would I do it again? Certainly if at my school and in my classroom. I sincerely doubt if I would do it somewhere else. The best thing, is that it kept people out of my room.

I honestly don't want to teach without computers ever again. Yes, I will freely admit that I use them as babysitters for these kiddos and as rewards. But I also DO the majority of my teaching.

I truly believe that all students need instant feedback, and I can do that with the computers. I could do a better job of it if I taught more Algebra. As it is, everything has been temporary so far.

Now I can look forward to teaching technology full time.