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July 2006

Online Course

I'm pretty excited as I have all of the first six weeks written -- I probably WILL tweak it and I have a good outline for the entire course, and an even better outline for the 2nd six weeks.

I really do think I'll be able to have this knocked out by the time school starts. Even better, I'll follow pretty much the same plans for my "face to face" class.

Baslically the first six weeks is "this is a computer and how it works". The second six weeks explores Java and the Java platform, and the last six weeks is all programming input and output with primitives in various ways.

We do beginning objects and control structures the second semester.

Disclaimer: I don't have a DISD P-Card

The latest issue being attacked at DISD is the P-Card, or procurement card program. I actually have a friend that has one -- she teaches the business variety of Coop along with other things.

I get things the old fashioned way. I get a budget with x amount of dollars, I spent it, mostly through the warehouse (there is a better name for that), and through Office Depot. Mostly paper, toner, blank CDs and a few electronic items to make my students life a bit better. I have purchased a scanner, hard drives for our server, and a few other things. I also get books through Borders.

It takes several months to get the items after I ordered them and I always lose a bit of money in the budget, any left overs are put in the general fund and occasionally I'll get to order items from that.

Summer School Money

Every time I make substantial extra money from the district -- like my summer school money -- I set aside a portion of it to do something fun and meaningful. In the past it's been a computer specially set up to make my life easier, and once it was my file server. This year it is Macie, a beagle puppy, and I'll be blogging about her at

I think that doing something like this is good for recharging your batteries. In years past, the extra money has been for things like teaching an extra class which took a lot of energy. I also know that other people in my building do the same thing. One of my coworkers put a heater in her pool for example. It's a tangible reward. For example, my principal even said in his summer school introduction, that he was using his summer school money to take his family to Disney (I think the Florida one) in the winter. I think that is really cool since the whole family is losing him for most of the day during the summer, and I think he usually spends a lot of his summer with them doing sports.