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Novell Server driving me nuts

Maybe someone lurking can help. We have a Novell server in my room, not sure which version we are running, but I think it is 5.1 or 5.2. I know enough about it to add users, set file permissions, and that's about it.

Here's the deal. I unraveled the network wiring, and the workstations stopped seeing the server. We get a "Tree or Server Not Found". The same day I moved things around, the workstations stopped seeing it. And it made sense as for several hours I didn't have the server connected to the network. Now here is the weird part, my notebook sees it fine.

The difference? Client level, the notebook had not been turned on since the move, and it has IPX configured as a protocol.

It's driving me nuts, because I prefer giving my students exercises with Examview, and I'm forced right now to use HTML files. I'd appreaciate any answers as I doubt it will get solved until the week of the 17th, if then.