Novell Server driving me nuts

Major breakthrough

I've been "stuck". I've been stuck on picking an IDE, the one I want to use isn't ready for prime time, so I'm settling for JCreator.

I've also been stuck on finding the best way to install Java, and then the best way to tell my students how to do it.

First on the IDE. There are some great IDE's for students out there -- HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, setting up an IDE so that it has to be downloaded and reinstalled on a regular basis is not good. Worst yet, is when it has a hard coded expiration date. And the latest version has to be ready for the instructor to play with all summer AND then have time to install it on a jillion machines (or in my case 28 + the online course). I've only told the developer this every year that his expiration and his messing around has driven me nuts.

I am using a great tool though for teaching remotely. Actually tools. Both from Techsmith, called Camtasia and Snagit. Camtasia lets you record screen movies, helps you build title clips, etc, a lot like Premier, but in my opinion faster and easier (though Premier won't let you record the screen). SnagIt lets you do screen captures and lets you edit them. I made a movie last night which I'll try to upload and make available after I finish this post.

Anyway, I'm going to concentrate this week on finding the best way to install Java -- I did a whole server technology thing last night, but I believe that is complete over kill. I want something that just allows students to compile and run, along with the Java docs.