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Ran into a former student today. By the way, go back and say hello to your former teachers some time. Especially if they were helpful at all in your career. We LOVE hearing from former students.

He is on the reunion committee for the class of 1996 (yikes!), and had me when he was a freshman, so he must have learned Pascal on a DOS machine. Or maybe even one of the Commodore 64 kids. I should have asked.

The cool part is that he actually 4 years as a programmer for SouthWest airlines, coding in Java. Now that was one of my "dream jobs", and I actually interviewed for SouthWest. He went to back to school to get a business degree and is working for a consulting firm.

He did say thank for you the programming class.


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Alfred Thompson

There are few things better than having a student come back and say thank you. Although sometimes it feels good enough when they just remember you with fondness. :-)

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