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PreAP Online Course

I'm very excited because I have a new assignment from my school district -- create an online course for Computer Science.

I picked PreAP, primarily because I know what is on the district final.

One of the real exciting things about it for me, is that I'm getting to use my Master's Degree. In fact, the person who I'm ultimately doing this assignment for, was my professor of record.

It's a lot of work. I am basically setting up the entire course so it can be taken online and I need to have the majority of the course designed before the school year starts. I have not idea what I am getting paid for it, but I have a feeling that it, like the webmastering course designed last year, will be made available to the other teachers.

Once the school year starts, they will be recruiting students. They are hoping for 12, and are hoping to issue the student labtops. I will be the teacher of record if we get students to sign up. It will be available for Dallas ISD students.

It's on Blackboard, and best yet, I managed to get the first unit designed tonight. I'm sure I'll tweak it but at least I got started!

This gives me lots of good opportunities and puts me on the ground floor for other potential online courses.