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Most of my workstations are where I want them. I have some tweaking to do. I also need to move some equipment.

Also, I am supposed to lose some of my Algebra I students about the end of next week, my principal has hired another math teacher. I move that we give him the majority of Spanish speakers as he is more comfortable teaching in Spanish -- however, I don't believe in teaching high school kids in Spanish. As long as the tests are in English we need to speak English!

I'm also having problems with the Novell server. I use Examview for assessment etc. I run it on my Novell server. We did an assessment in first period and everything was fine. My second period comes in, after I do a reboot on all the workstations and we get a "Tree or Server" not found. I've got to find a better or an alternative way, as this makes me crazy.

I'm not exactly sure what is happening, but it seems to me that there must be a table on the server similar to a DNS table that keeps track of where the Novell servers are at and mine got lost. I can never get a good answer on that, so if anyone reads this and is a Novell expert, I'd love an explaination.