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Really Pleased with Profile by Sanford

I have lost 5 pounds since I joined Profile.  I like it so much I signed up for a full year, and got some price breaks.

I’m on their very low carb diet.  It’s 4 protein shakes, a protein bar, a fiber drink.  Lunch is at least 2 cups of vegetables and a fat.  Dinner is 3oz of protein, 2 oz of fat, and at least 2 cups of vegetables.  

I have been able to reduce my insulin usage from 45 units a day to 25 units a day.  My time in range is over 80% from around 60%.  

Am I 100% perfect every day?  No, but I shrug and try to do better the next time period.  Screw up lunch, that’s fine, try again next time period.

I saw the full center yesterday and I’m not sure how they are making it. I do know that the center itself has trouble keeping tenants — hope the rent is reasonable.  They were set up to have at least 6 counselors/sales people working there.

The nice thing is that Profile is set up to be done remote.  Few of the food has to be cold or frozen.  

They do have plans for men, pregnant or lactating women.  

They do give benefits to referrals, so please tell them I sent you.


I think I am figuring out the alternations thing.  I’ve been losing weight, and yesterday took 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants to Nordstrom.  I had been putting it off because a) it wasn’t an issue, and b) Nordstrom had change their alternation policy.

Until January, I would take my alterations in, I would get charged for them and then get an immediate credit.

Starting in January, instead of a credit, I would get an email amount in notes.  However, right now, that was problematic.  I didn’t have at $68.00 I needed for the alterations I had done yesterday. 

I got a letter Thursday that said they had reversed the policy.  And I didn’t necessarily want to spend the $68.00

They told me on the phone they were combining both policies, and I can’t imagine now how that could be true, especially after reading the letter.  I think she meant that if I had had alternations done between January and now, I would get both.  Not in the future.

The website still shows the January policy Sad smile

But looking at the website –> I loved the Holiday Shopping Experience and I love the special events throughout the year.  I’m doing another this week!

My goal though, is to stay at Level 2 <SMILE>

Finally, slowing on the losing side

Made a quick mention of this, this morning.   I’m at my lowest weight since the lap band process.  That means I am more than 40 pounds down from my heaviest.

It is STILL frustrating.  I don’t lose in a smooth progression.

My biggest problem is stress, and I am on the downside, I hope of a very stressful situation.  I haven’t slept all night since spring break.  I am having trouble even going to bed, as I anticipate problems.  Last night I finally forced myself a little before 12:30 pm.  Even skipped the computer, but woke up around 5:00 am and just laid there for a while.

I might try sleeping pills tonight, but I don’t really like the way I feel the next day.

Best news, it is does seem to have affected my insulin usage.

Getting there

Part of losing weight is to have a mind set that you are ready to lose weight.

I'll be honest, I have to work at it. I have to physically make myself get up and do the treadmill thing and exercise. I have to write down all my food, I really do it twice, and I have to remember all day that I am losing weight.

It DOES get easier. Your mind and your body adjusts to the new calorie level. That's not to say I don't prefer NOT doing exercise on my off days. I really do.

But feeling better is worth it.

AND be patient!


If you are a scale fanatic -- and I am one -- get a Tanita scale that measures in .10s. It's made a huge difference, especially since I am only trying to lose about 1/2 a week. This lets me see the fractions.

Free food isn't free

This is one of the most important of my new beliefs and it has taken a lot to figure this one out.

I've gotten in trouble in the past because I've thought that I was obligated to eat other people's food.

For example, I went to a workshop this summer where they provided the food. I honestly should have brought my own that trip, while theirs wasn't bad, it was restaurant portions, and I couldn't tell the makeup of the food.

I would have felt better, been in a better mood, and learned more if I had brought my Diet Gourmet food and knew what was in it.

On the other hand, I was on a two day workshop where the food was perfect for someone like me, so you never know.


I'm going to start putting in some weight loss tips for the morbidly obese.

Yeah, I'm still that, but after having once lost 100 pounds, and now having lost 30, I think I'm an expert.

So I'm going to start documenting the things that have worked for me.