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Thank you for Birthday Wishes

I am enjoying the birthday wishes, and have good plans today – an exercise workshop with @sunstonefit and dinner later with my husband.

This is an important birthday for me as I am eligible now for Texas Teacher Retirement benefits.  In fact, I have all the medical information and am now chasing down pre-certification for prescriptions, etc.

I’m letting PillPack do the heavy lifting on that as I know that dealing with Express Scripts makes me crazy.

I’m also getting my head wrapped around the semi-retirement thing.  I know that people laugh when I say that retiring is hard.  BUT, first, this came as a surprise – I didn’t think it would happen as soon as it did – I got a bit lucky because I teach tech and could buy retirement years.  I could have gone back to the classroom, I had a job offer from a local school, but all signs pointed that it wasn’t the right thing for me any more.

I’ve always been very active, especially mentally, and I hate wasting all that education I have.  So there you go.

The best thing that has happened to me in the past two years is Johns Hopkins.  I have to thank a Syster for refering me to that job.   I teach computer science and web design for them and typically have over 10 students.  I typically put in 15 minutes to 2 hours a day.  I can do it anywhere I have good internet access – I did have to leave an agility trial recently because I didn’t.

I have also just started working on an Open Source project – for the software I am using now.  I always blog best when I am using LiveWriter and I am working on @OpenLiveWriter doing what I do best – supporting developers so that they can concentrate on code.   I would do a full time job doing that as a gig if there was the right project and developers but that doesn’t seem to be happening.  Softcard was the right project, but man were they the wrong people.  Individually okay, but sure didn’t know how to play together.

I am also doing my version of Extreme Weight Loss.  Meaning mostly that it it isn’t extreme.  I’m working out at Planet Fitness, our local aquatics center and SunStone Fit.  I don’t make it to all three each day, though I have once. 

I’m even doing more dog training and am looking forward to getting a puppy (beagle) in the near future.