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New "feature"

I decided to add Google Adsense to the right. I do have a lot of regular readers, since I occasionally get email or IM comments on the site.

Please click on and follow the links if they look interesting, so far the ads I've seen look reasonable.

New Med Blog

Interesting blog. We've got a bit in common, I am doing an online -- almost virtual master's. We have to meet face-to-face before each test, which actually helps.

I've had border collies. There is one thing that border collies are not capable of herding. BEAGLES! The beagles bite them on the dew claw when they get too obnoxious. Got to feel like getting your finger slammed in a car door, the way the poor BC's reacted.

Unfortunately only one of the BC's was a good dog. However, I even ended up sending him off after drug dog training to be a drug dog. For a while, he was partnered with TWO officers and worked TWO shifts. Yeah, they are that intense.

The second BC had idopathic epilepsy and ended up going into statis. I didn't realize that happened to people too, but we lost a student that way this year.

And the third BC was a mismatched rescue. He's in a good home now, and doing very well in agility.

I seriously doubt that I'll be getting another border collie. Just too much dog. Besides, I like my beagles.