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Treo Feed


Well, I've figured out a method of emailing my food to myself using the phone and then adding my meals to EzManager later. I do have to have a working Palm set up if I need to delete any foods. I can add phones no problem to EzManager.

I may still carry both devices for a while, just because it's easy to only enter the data once.

Alternatively -- I was just checking this out -- I might copy carbs from Dhealth because I can enter them through the mobile phone.

Flu Shot

Finally got my flu shot. I usually do it at my endos but they did not get theirs in time for my visit and their hours are too inconvenient.

I was able to get one at my primary care physician's at 9:00 this morning. They have walk in appointments on Saturday and I got there a few minutes early.

Amy at Diabetes Mine talked about getting hers at a local pharmacy but that does not work at all for me because the ones here usually have hours frim 10:00 to 2:00. Great if you are retired like my mom but horrible if you are a teacher.

Anyway glad to have it done especially in October.

Cingular Update Available

I just downloaded and installed the Cingular update.

Man, it was a bit scary because the first try, I got a ROM Update error, but I just followed the directions and everything seems to be working.

I even deleted Volume Care, and called the voice mail and I could hear it.

I'll know better tomorrow how things worked, as its a bit late to call anyone I know to try it out.

I'm trying to make the Treo more of a first gadget of defense. I tend to wait to blog until I get to a big computer because it's easier, but that's why I bought the freaking keyboard! Oh, I need to test that.

I'm actually going through all my software and making sure things are working right -- and found a neat Napster To Go feature I want to take advantage of over the next few days before my agility trial -- "custom play lists" based on what you usually download.

Treo Gadget

I've got a new Treo gadget.

I've been resisting the Bluetooth earpiece foreve, but I hate dealing with wires, and the Treo phone just really isn't convenient when it comes to actually talking to people. Sorry folks, but it is big and clunky and if there is any humidity in the area, you get the screen damp.

So I got a Palm brand Treo headset. I like the sound I get when I talk to my mom in the truck and she can hear me, so it's passed that test. Now I need to start using the phone more at home. I do pay enough for it -- I've got unlimited local calls and 500 minutes of long distance a month, so I should use it.