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Traveling Fear

My greatest fear when traveling by air, is theft at the TSA checkpoint.  They went into that in the local news this week -- thefts have been occuring at the DFW airport and they are generally thefts of opportunity.

When I fly I have to take a CPAP machine, a laptop (I'm usually going to a teacher workshop), and assorted diabetes medications.

I know there is a huge black market for CPAP machines and that they have been stolen at checkpoints.  That's a big deal not just because of the loss of the CPAP machine but that I actually stop breathing long enough off of CPAP that I could die -- I have freaked out two sleep technician teams in two seperate testing.

Plus who wants your laptop stolen?

I also have to travel alone, so I am very adament that my bins stay together and in front of me the entire time I am being wanded.

They need to come up with another system.