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Texas Department of Insurance

Good Site!

Agent, Consumer, Industry News from the Texas Department of Insurance

They have an online compliant form, which I've filed out and I've requested an Independent Review of the Pump Rejection.

I'd LOVE to have the pump covered -- the policy covered up to $3500 in durable equipment expenses, and I've spent less than $200. Especially since I've found out that the humidifer is a rental, not a purchase. Weird.

So the max I can get back on the pump is probably $3250 or so. It's still over half the cost of the pump.

I'll of course, be happy for the supplies alone, but I should get at least one of them.

And it's diffently been worth the full cost.

Managing Supplies -- Test Strips and the like

Be VERY careful on how you get your doctor to write your supplies. I swear my prescription says to test 8-10 times a day.

Medco has choosen to interpret this as test as many as 8 times a day and is sending me 7 boxes of 100 test strips. Instead of 9.

At least so far, they have not tried to get me or the doctor to change brands.

I check -- between January 1 and January 15, I had 129 entries in my log. That means I have been testing 8.6 times a day.

Typically I check when I wake up. Two hours after meal. If I am driving without eating or checking. Before and after exercise, and sometimes during if things aren't right -- I tend to go low exercising.

Yep, that's a lot of holes. Bring on the continuous blood sugar monitor device. PLEASE!

Change One Thing At A Time

While I've been recovering from surgery, a very frustrated diabetic post to the comment.

I couldn't find it but I have a piece of advice to share with anyone frustrated.

Pick one thing you can change in concentrate and that one thing.

I personally recommend exercise as that one thing to change. Pick something you can do and pick the time that you can do it. Find a way to reward yourself for doing it and reaward little steps.

If it is only five minutes at the end of the day you're doing five minutes more than you were.

Disposing of Sharps

Several months ago I found out I was disposing of my sharps wrong ....

Well, I dropped them off at the doctor's office and the receptionist barely blinked, so maybe that will work.

I also found an outfit called "OnSite Medical Waste Disposal" (Or close to that), who also offered to take them for free.

Freestyle by Therasense

I'm linking to myself, hope that doesn't break anything, but I wanted to make sure people who use alternative site testing saw the post on my low this morning.

I first tested on my arm and got a 68. That's alarming in itself, but within seconds later I tested my figure and got a 40. Make sure when you are testing lows, you are finger testing.

Yeah, it's a real pain, and my fingers hurt all day afterwards, but this is needed information.

And it's days like today having a data port would be nice...