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New @MDT_Diabetes pump is coming!

My new Medtronics pump is coming – the artificial pancreatis version (said with tongue firmly planted in cheek).

I am doing as a former student suggested and going with purple.  I’ve tried non-black once – an Animas pump, and ended up going right back to black as soon it was recalled. 

Sensors are on the way back, waiting for package notices, and watching tracking.

I will say that Medtronics shipping service rocks.

Love Nordstrom's Active Wear!

Yes, this is an ad.  Click here and order stuff.  I need some extra income.

 NORDSTROM - Shop Activewear for the New Year

Seriously, my whole gym experience changed when I changed the way I dressed. First, one of the personal trainers at LA Fitness started being the exercise wear Nazi. Now I was wearing my big skirts with my big tshirts and hoping no one noticed me.  So I was hoping no one would get on me for what I was wearing.

Seriously who was I kidding, I had a very cute beagle with me -- and she likes to flirt with men.  Now I wear either the Zella Move Capri's and a Zella top, or a Zella top with loose pants I got at the Nordstrom Rack.  I perfer the Zella, and I love their jackets.

Unfortunately someone ate a hole in a pocket because her mother left the jacket where she could get to it, and it was NOT Dulce.

Anyway, I am enjoying my workouts more with nice clothing.  Give it a try.

Christmas Present -- Awesome!

I got a LOT of gift cards for Christmas.  Some from Nordstrom's, some for Nordstrom's and some random ones.  I grouped them all together, spent them at Nordstrom's and got some cool new headphones what I have been using at the gym -- philosophy -- anything that will keep me exercising longer is a good thing.

They are Bose Wireless and if you want a pair of your own, they are here:  The cool thing -- they come with a wire, so if you forget to charge the wireless thing, or your device isn't bluetooth you can still use them.



You can also get this from Amazon:



Since my husband doesn't have any devices that are wireless, I went cheap and got him the same set of headphones but are wired.  Much cheaper, but same good sound quality.  In fact, he said he had forgotten that some of his music had piano in them.  Yes, he is older and going deaf.


DexCom(TM) Announces Joint Development Agreement with Animas Corporation: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

Now this one I can get on board with! Hopefully it will happen about the time I need a new pump, BUT I think I need a pump next year.


DexCom(TM) Announces Joint Development Agreement with Animas Corporation: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM - News), a leading provider of continuous glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes, today announced that it has entered into a joint development agreement with Animas Corporation to integrate DexCom’s continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology into Animas® insulin pumps.

Dexcom - Morning of Day 3

Still working well -- however again at night,  I am missing lots of data points.  I'm going to try keeping the receiver closer to the transmitter tonight, I'm not sure head of the bed is working.

Used an IV3000 during my shower this morning and haven't lost contact because of it.  I'm too superstitious to try doing it without.

I have to be up in McKinney at 6:45, so this will be short, the group I train agility with is putting on a fun match.

Dexcom - beginning of day 2

Still getting good readings -- the Dexcom has been within 10 points of my meter every finger stick so far.  It would be very tempting to rely on it.

Guess I should add -- I'm not super surprised that the Dexcom is working so well for me.  I actually had extremely good luck with the Glucowatch even though it did burn the heck out of me.

I did have a few hours of missing data last night.  However, what is there is a good trend. 

It is the EASIEST medical device to sleep with I've ever dealt with, and this is a lady who sleeps with both a pump and a CPAP machine.

So yes, still happy.

Dexcom - first few hours

I've been hooked and calibrated since 3:30 -- so I have 2 hours worth of reasonable data.  i saw a trend up just after eating and now a trend down.  I got an alert when  I got to my high setting.

All in all, I'm very happy with it so far.  The sensor doesn't interfere with anything I do though the length of it creeped me out.  Don't ever show that thing to me again if you want me to use it, and the rep shouldn't have in the first place.

It was a good deal.  $450 for the Starter Kit, the software and a free upgrade to the 7-day sensor.  Not sure when software will come but then again, the Animas software for the IR2020 hasn't arrived either.


I am sitting in the waiting room of my doctors office waiting on the local sales rep for Dexcom. Yes I am going to get hooked up with the three day system and upgrade to seven day for free. Rep just got here.

Much happier with my Treo

Cingular posted an update on the Palm website for the Treo. I've got 6 meg of memory back, which I am slowly using it up.

The best news is that I can hook up my notebook via bluetooth and get internet access. It's faster than dialup, slower than broadband, and might get me through problems I'm anticipating for next year.

I'm actually relying on the Treo much more than I did before.

My next debate -- is do I get a bluetooth headset. I'm thinking not. I don't talk on the phone that much, and I'll lose the headset in my hair. It's bad enough to see someone walking around talking to themselves and seeing a cord, but it makes it really weird when you don't see any visible means.

I'm also thinking about a keyboard. I actually did buy one, but it was a universal one, and wasn't fun to use with the Treo. The Treo 600 keyboard spoiled me, because it has keys for specific Treo functions.