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Sleep and Traveling

As I have been answering questions about the trip today (first day back from Spring Break), I've clarified in my own mine what I want from the Sleep Doctor.

Basically I need something that will help me sleep but not interupt my REM sleep. Right now, Ambient doesn't seem to help me sleep.

I also want and need a smaller humidifier. Puritan and Bennett makes a humidifer that doesn't change the footprint of the CPAP machine much and work better than the one I"m using.

I'm using this humidifer. It is real hard to travel with.

I am going to get this one but am hoping that I can get the insurance to cover it.

And I also want a new CPAP mask since mine is over 6 months old.

Edit and links removed at request of a business I will no longer do business with.


I finally slept all night last night. And could go asleep. Sure wish I could fix the sleep problems permanently. I know I'm going to concentrate on that over the break.

Can't sleep....

One of the side effects of sleep apnea going without treatment for so long is chronic insomnia. I'm VERY weird. My bedroom is at the front road side of the house and most of the time it isn't a problem, but we had a drunk hit the electric pole across the street at 2:00 am which woke me up. Then the power company was repairing it the rest of the morning. Between the police flashing lights, the TXU lights, their trucks and the dog being scared, I just couldn't sleep and haven't been able to since.

I'm waiting for a few hours, as I am almost completely strung out, and I'm going to hit the bed and I'll probably be okay as long as I can sleep uninterrupted.

My record was during the time period from the time my good friend Aubrey Hawkins was killed by the Texas Seven on Christmas eve, until about a week after they were caught. I couldn't sleep at all then. And had trouble again when I found out they were staying at a hotel a few miles from the house. But I think just sleeping one night through will do the trick.