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Sleep Feed

New CPAP Machine

I'm going to actually try it out in a few minutes.

I am the proud owner (leasee) of a Respironics Remstar Auto M Series. The DME brought it by at 1:00 pm and showed me how to use it. It even works with my emergency backup battery which is a super good thing. It is definately half the size of the loaner machine.

I'm looking forward to lugging it around the airports next week.


Man, do new machines stink. Okay, any time you do anything different to a PAP, it stinks. But I took a short nap, and I feel better already.

My first sympthom of a non-working PAP (notice I'm changing initials already), is allergy symthoms. Very congested but very dry at the same time. It's awful. That's already better.

Plus the diet coke I drank for lunch is doing away with the caffeine headache.

CPAP isn't working right

The good news is that I have an old machine that still works.

The bad news is that it gotten through another DME that I don't do business with anymore. When I got it, they didn't bother to tell me they were out of network. Of all my DME's I've used, I like the current one the best. Locally owned, by the son of a retired coworker (teacher).

They have given me super service. Though I don't look forward to dealing with it.

Sleep Apnea News

Okay, I'm ready to slap the press.

I'm watching the local NBC affliate and they do a "news update on sleep apnea".

Guess what, sleep apnea patients can die unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

BIG DUH! I was told that when I was diagnosed. Where have the study people been for the past 10 years.

The only good news, is that it DOES let other people know that it IS a serious disorder and it can kill. Either slowly or quickly.