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ThinkGeek :: Personal Area Network T-Shirt

Just found a really good t-shirt for insulin pump users.  I don't have an affliates deal (but ought to look into it). They are currently on sale.  Black only.

I have one on now, and the earbud holes work perfect for passing through tubing -- my inset connector passes through fine.

They are on overstock sale at Think Geek right now.

ScotteVest has it in other colors and other fabrics.  I'm real happy with mine and ordered more.

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ThinkGeek :: Personal Area Network T-Shirt

So when ScotteVest came out with their 100% cotton version of the same shirt, we jumped on it.

Super good deal!

I really like Accu-Chek's Multiclix lanceling device as there are no sharps to dispose up. Walgreen's has it on "sale" for $19.99 and has an instant coupon for an additional $10.00 off. That means the device itself (with 12 lancelets) runs $9.99

I'm going to snag another one this weekend.

While I like the size of the one that comes with the Flash, it huts. The Multiclix doesn't.

I second this advice!

Professional Patient: Be Kind to Yourself after an Appointment

I actually go one step further -- during the school year, I schedule one or two appointments together -- usually ending with my CDE in the afternoon, because no matter how bad things have been, she's always on MY side.

Then I take the whole day off and take myself out to lunch. Nothing is a better treat for a teacher than real lunch with adults in the room and someone serving you. In other words, don't go to a buffet!