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Keeping track of injections

I do great organizing my pills and I finally figured out to keep track of my injections. 

I use a sharpie and put a date on each pen needle. I pull out the tab and put them in the an old plastic cap from a Walgreens nut jar.  

Nicely organized and I can tell from a glance if I took my injection.

Still loving my Daily toric contacts

Though I'm going to look into multi-focus next year. I love multi-focus contacts but haven't had any in a while.  Vision is better.

I am not sure that the upfront cost makes up for solutions, especially since I am still doing the dry eye and washing my lids each day.

I occasionally have the odd contact accident -- lost one yesterday.  Could not find it any where, and remember my experience with extended wear and wearing a contact bandage last year, I slept in these.  Not for a short night, and put in extra moist eye drops before I went to sleep.

It bothers me that I have to buy them a year at a time since my prescription can change, but I do think I'll do the overnight thing once in a while.  I'm thinking dog show weekends for sure since I often have to wake up and walk the dog in the middle of the night.

I certainly don't recommend it.

Easier said than done

I've always been too sensitive about what others think of me.  That's one of the reasons I'm overweight, though that sounds odd.

I've decided that the weight loss group I'm in is a negative influence not a positive.  The leader is fake positive, and their staff is just untrained.  Especially the screwing up appointments.  

I walk into the room, dressed in work out wear, sweaty and I'm asked "Did you exercise this week?"  Not how many minutes, which would be appropriate, but no, "DID YOU?".

I did a minor head explosion at the time, and was ready to walk out.  Then 20 minutes of the 60 minute class is wasted with exercise I can't do.  Which also makes me feel bad.

So I don't think I'll go back, I certainly am not going to the nutritionist appointment because he is just going to beat me up -- he did every other time.

I'm not burning the bridge yet, but we'll see how this week goes away from them.


Trying Meal Kits

I tried SunBasket, and they just don't work for us.  I liked the two weeks, BUT we don't eat dinner together on Wednesday.  Their delivery arrived very late on Monday night, and so we ending up having the last meal on Friday and the produce was very tired.

It was better the second week when it arrived before dinner time.

However,  did emeals for the first dinner last night and it was great.  Emeals has lots of different plans and options and there is NO food shipping.  Instead, I ordered from Walmart Grocery pickup, and picked it up.  I've done Walmart pickup 3 times now and I can't get over the service.  It's not like normal Walmart at all.  The last two times, I've used their checkin service and they have walked up to my car seconds after I park.

The meal was great, and I'll be doing it again.  One of the other things I like about the Walmart delivery app, is I can put things in my cart as I go, and then when I get a big enough order ($30.00), I can schedule the pick up.

Savings Catcher still works.

The only thing I didn't like was that two of the items were out of stock, and I didn't know until pickup time.  They were items I could pick up at a different grocery store on the way home so I wasn't bad.

Walmart isn't the only option but so far, is the most convenient for me, as I can swing by easily after I go to the gym.  

I almost forgot, here's link to eMeals: Emeals

I did the chicken/sausage creole sheet pan dinner with rice.  I didn't get bell peppers and fresh tomatoes, but skipping the peppers was fine and I did a can of diced tomatoes instead.  It was great that way.  Which reminds me, I need to add onions to my grocery order.

Why I fired a doctor's office

Had a good conversation with my diabetes doctor.

She asked about the weight loss drug and I told her I'd had really bad side effects and she asked what we were trying next.  Told her I had fired that doctor.  I'm even thinking about quitting the weight loss group, though I like a couple of the people and the building it is in.

Here's some of the reasons why.

Every time I make an appointment with them, I put the appointment in my calendar like every other appointment.  They come back and tell me , it's a different time and date.  Most of the time they come back and say -- oh, you are right.

This time the nutritionist was fully booked (I think my appointment is part of his fully booked).


I am told I'm due for a tetanus shot.  I say, well, I have to think about it.  Research it while I wait for the doctor, decide I want one.  They don't give it even though I tell them I wanted it.  Good news, I did it at my primary care who I really like.  When I try to check on it when its time to leave, the assistant is on the phone and I have to wait forever.

I tell the doctor, I have horrible side effects from a drug.  She says indignantly, I've never had a patient tell me that before.  Okay, I'm the first, get over it.

I have my orthopedist office on hold right now, because they are treating the body parts not the individual, but they are the first place I go when I want surgery.  I don't.



Met my out of pocket

Haven't done that in years.  It's a good thing and a bad thing.

The good news is that I've got a breather from medical spending, and I spent less this year out of pocket than the last few.

I've decided to stick with the insulin pump.  I'm doing just under 50 units a day right now, with an A1C of 7.0.  Don't really want to break things.

Yes, I saw my Endo.  Had her write the script for insulin which pushed me over the out of pocket.  Also ordered infusion sets -- I'm actually down to one box, but not reservoirs.  I still have quite a few boxes of them.  

Love my Endo -- we had an interesting conversation about the weight loss doctor.

Chronic Pain

Pain seems to be my biggest problem.  It's hard.  My right hand has been bothering me for a year, my knees have been bothering me for a decade and plantar facistis has been bothering me off and on.

I know that weighing less might help some of it, but the pain itself is slowing me down.  It makes EVERYTHING harder.  

North Dallas Pain and Wellness is helping -- they address everything at once, where no one else has.  

Unfortunately the doctor's put curses on my brace == it's an offloader and is helping.  Everything time they have asked about it, I've had an issue.  The last time the doctor mentioned that they break and don't worry, they will replace it.  Thursday evening, I took it off and it was broke!

I see them Monday morning.

Oh, and they moved -- they freaked me out because they didn't tell me about the move.  I got a text message about an hour before my appointment giving me the new address.  I asked if it was for today, by texting back but they didn't answer so I called.

Not one of the best appointments -- every one was so excited and they couldn't find anything.

Loving the Dexcom G6!

Picked up my Dexcom G6 system.  Love it.

All the other Dexcom sensor needles got to me. I was just about to the point I couldn't use the G5 from the dread.

No issues with the G6.  No calibration.  My life is MUCH more needle free.  The sensors comes in a pod now, you press a button, a pop and you are done.  No multiple set instructions and no needle pain.

I"m also looking forward to the no finger sticks.