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Why am I selling stuff? (Hair accessories)

Why not?

No seriously.  I love these items.   I have been wearing them for over two years now and everytime someone sees them up close they want them.



This is several sizes of the same design.  They come in one piece, and are easy to use.


Just slide the pin in place and you are good to go.

I’ve been using these in yoga:




Super simple.  Twist hair up, stick one in vertical and one horizontal and you are good to go.

It’s at

Unleashed Dog Park

It’s in Dallas, on I-30.  For $10.00 – two beagles can play in air conditioned splendor for as long as they want (well at least during 1 day).

It’s supposed to have WIFI, and I can see it, log into it, but I get limited or no connectivity.  I think my air card is in the car, and I’ll go out and get it eventually.

It’s a nice place.  Has a good surface for the dogs.

However, my beagles are into sniffing the ground and aren’t into playing.  Yet.  We’ve been here about 20 minutes and one finally asked another dog to play but wasn’t successful.

I love the fact that I’m in A/C, just have to pick up poop and relax.

They are definitely having issues with their WIFI – I have a signal now, but can’t get to the internet.

Obviously problem now solved.

Traveling Tips

I'm back, and I have some tips to share...

Using the medication bottles Medco sent me wasn't that bad.  I've got them set aside in a big plastic bag for the next trip, and plan to rotate them out with empty bottles. By the way, no one wanted to see them.

See my earlier notes on traveling with the CPAP and TSA.  I want to find a better way to handle that, especially since next trip is on the train.  I was able to consolidate everything into two bags for the trip back and that was easier.

Be assertive when it comes to assistance, and sitting near the restroom IS a good thing. 

Extra sets are a good idea, and having extra sets with you, not in checked baggage is good.  I went through 3 sets on the first day of traveling, but it got better later.

My biggest problem on the ship was going low.  Have all the locations for quick food in your mind.  I ended up eating some things I wouldn't have otherwise if I had not gone low.  You do a LOT of walking, especially if you are doing a conference like I did. My room and the restaurants were in the front end of the ship, my sessions were all in the back end.

Traveling isn't as intimidating now, and I think I can handle it.

Did I over pack?  I had two more dressy dreses than I needed, one less pair of panties, and one more exercise outfit than it needed.  In the scheme of things, I don't think I over packed, the stuff I didn't use did not take up that much room.

Immigration Rant

I've been putting this off. Yeah, it has nothing to do with diabetes. Even less with dog agility. However, it does have something to do with teaching, especially after CBS news last night. They did a story about how school districts recruit in other countries. And yes, my school district has been recruiting, mostly Spanish speakers who can teach.

Here's my problem with immigration (and out-sourcing). Many of the employers who actively recruit immigrants, my school district included, say they do it because they can't find American workers. That is SO much BS. The reason they can't find American workers is because they are not offering competitive pay or because they are offering substandard working conditions.

And that is SO true of my district. I've been teaching 14 years and have a master's and make just under $50,000. However, I have a Master's in CECS (Computer Education and Cognitive Studies) and a BS in Computer Science. Anyway care to guess what I might be able to make on the open job market as a curriculum designer? I will admit one of the biggest reasons I stay are the benefits.

And the working conditions. The building I work in is over 50 years old. Cleaning as at a substandard level which aggravates my allergies. The temperature control is non-existant, and the building is either so hot I'm having to wake up students or so could we're all wearing sweaters -- IN AUGUST. Though I'd rather be in the sweater state.

Class sizes are too big. Almost all of my class sizes were over 30 students last year, only one fewer than 20 (and that was an AP class).

I have a little story to relate, which will tell you exactly what happens to the teachers that get recruited from other countries. I worked as a computer programmer in Yazoo City, Mississippi, my first year out of college. Made $16,000, but I paid $150 rent for a 3 bedroom apartment. After working there for a year, TI recruited me to come and live in Dallas. They paid me $24,000, but I couldn't find an efficiency apartment for less than $500 a month! Then I couldn't figure out why I couldn't get ahead, but grocery prices, clothing prices and gasoline prices were higher (car expenses stayed about the same). Can you imagine how it must work for someone working in Columbia? Or the Phillipines?

What is worse yet, is the one who really take advantage of the illegal immigrants. I've seen news reports of how they will work as day laborers at car washes, get paid in tips only, or worse yet, get their tips taken from them and sent away empty handed. I do believe that we need to crack down on the companies who purposely hire illegals and shut them down and send the employers to jail. And not one of our nice ones either.

I do believe in immigration -- gee, I'd say over 50% of my students are immigrants themselves, and not all legal either. But LEGAL immigration.


I've always loved the Temperance Brennan books, but so far I'm not impressed with the new TV show Bones. I am DVRing it, just in case I change my mind, but first of all, the actress playing her is way too young. She should at least look to be in her 30s.