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Inset II Feed

Last one...

Family "joke". My husband accidentally taught a border collie of ours to lay down with his frisbee when he said last one.

But it's the last one of the Inset II. I need the longer cannula but that's beside the point. The Inset II definitely improves the adhesive of the original Inset.

Can't wait until they come out for real!

Stupid Pumping things

Well, I ended up wasting two Inset II sets. And this is why I think that you have to have a full box before you truly know if a set is right for you.

I put in my fourth set this morning. Everything looked good. Not sure what went wrong with the first set.

I decided to go shopping and walked right past my emergency bag -- which was probably a good thing in a way, because I didn't have any Inset IIs in it.

I decided to go shopping and get rid of my gift cards (I love gift cards, and got quite a few from parents this year -- please send more!) I ate breakfast late and in the middle because my blood sugar was high this morning and I wanted to see if my changes worked.

Ate, then had to go to the restroom. I don't know if I pulled the set off taking my clothing off, or what -- but since my blood sugar was 186, I suspect that was the case.

Here's the bad part -- I had no replacement sets and at least one stop I wanted to make. Debated, and decided to make that stop which of course took longer.

I still like the Inset IIs better than the originals, but they haven't eliminated human error -- as when I got home, instead of pulling the paper off the set, I pulled the set off the needle!

So that's how I wasted two sets.

Adhesive is better

I really do believe the adhesive is better. My first set stayed on better than the old Insets. I've just done my first change -- and am now on my second set. I do believe that it doesn't hurt as bad going in, though most of the time, the Insets are pretty good.

Numbers suck

But they were sucking before. So I think it's a change in weight (and not for the good), change in activity level, again not for the good.

However, I suspect I really need the longer cannela.

Did a bit too much today -- I didn't have to do cardio, but got in a full 35 minute session anyway and then ended up doing a Master's dog agility class -- there was a last minute opening(s), and since we're off for two weeks.

Hoping to get in an extra class with Maggie tomorrow and praying for no rain past noon so Macy can play.

First Inset II

I've put in the first Inset too -- no changes in how to "install". The insertion itself seemed quieter and easier but I'll know better after I've used several sets. The bandage part and the connector seem larger, but not excessively so. There is more white to put an IV3000 around if you feel the need.

So far nothing to object to -- still don't have to look at the needle which is good for me.