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Glucowatch "failed"

It's raining, I've had to be in and out in the rain a couple of times to replace my parking space == long story == so as a result, I just couldn't get dry enough for the Glucowatch to work.

I do have a call out to the CDE, requesting that we change my basal rates starting tomorrow. I am running REAL low today.

Roche's Accu-Chek Compact

I'm experimenting with the Compact meter, and I am finding out some interesting things.

First, it isn't compact. It's at least one third more of the mass of the Flash. Meaning that it probably won't fit in my immediate bag. Second, it's SLOW!

Something interesting is that I NEVER get a decent test the first few times ou use a new meter. First of all, you have to lose some muscle memory, and learn new habits. If you test any length of time at all, you have a ritual. Or at least I do.

If you are a meter manufacturer, I highly recommend you do what Accu-check does. Don't throw in 10 lousy strips. Put in at least 50 strips. Accu-check puts 3 drums in their sample box, and my CDE gave me three more drums. That means I have 102 to play with.

Why did they pick 17 tests? It isn't even divisible by anything. I'd have put 15 in, and made it smaller. Or 10. Weird.

After about 3 tests, the results on the two meters started converging. At first they were as much as 50 points apart, and now I am getting tests with 10 points of each other, which is as much as you can ever hope for.

Fun little factoid -- you never get a real number on a blood sugar test, all you are getting is trends. That's even true with the A1C -- actually more true, because that's a so called 3 month average, but it doesn't really work quite that way either.

Just have to learn which trends to follow when it comes to correcting.

So I haven't decided which to go with, but I'm definately going to go with one more round of Freestyle while the copay is still $80, not $120.

Pump Pouches / Home

These are SUPER! I've been wearing my pump without the clip -- works great in a pocket, by the way, and these solve a lot of the problems. I can put the pump in one of these, pin it to my bra and it doesn't show as much as it does with the pump. However, I sweat on the pump that way, and the pouch solves that problem.

Will try one of the belted ones when it's pool time.

One Touch Ultra Smart is sucking....

I took advantage of an Animas deal and got a One Touch Ultra Smart

Frankly I don't know why they did that, as EzManager is so cool....

Here's what I wrote in the feedback at the Lifescan site:

I just received your One Touch Ultra Smart meter from Animas Pump Corporation and I can sum up my experience with one computer science term, at the bottom of this message.

First, I am an insulin pumper and an experienced alternative site tester.

First, on on my first three tries I was unable to get a valid reading. Each time I got an error code 5. I did read the manual before attempting the first test.

I then called your 1-800 number and was on hold for over 5 minutes. Unfortunately I did not connect with anyone because I received a phone call.

I then called after the phone call and after going through your voice directed hell, after about 2 minutes got connected with help.

She was EXTREMELY PLEASANT and ID A VERY NICE JOB. She is the only pleasant part of my On Touch Ultra Smart Experience.

I do not like the user interface for the meter at all. It is awkward to have to enter the carbs/calories of food, and not useful at all not to have a ready made database of foods.

I haven't done much else to the meter, but I will probably be shipping it back instead of the old Freestyle.

I'm very sorry to have to tell you this, but your meter SUCKS. Your desktop software doesn't seem bad, but I won't spend much time with it.

Why I Picked Animas

The first thing I did, when my doctor suggested I look into the pump, was do a web search on insulin pump. One of the first and best resources is the Insulin Pumper's site.

I joined, and then sat down and read about 3 months of archives.

That immediately ruled out Minimed. I dont think a week goes by without someone complaining about them. I have not noticed that with any other pump company. (Maybe Distronic, but that's okay, the FDA isn't letting them do anything in the USA anyway).

Then I sat down and looked at some websites comparing the pumps. Deltec Cozmo and Animas had almost the same features I was looking for. Very adjustable flow rates, water proof (we have a pool), etc.

I was invited to a support group demoing EasyManager Plus and even though the rep wasn't that good at demoing, I could see that the software put Animas over the top for me. Like I said in my post about EasyManager Plus, I'm a Palm kinda of girl.

After 3 meals on the pump, I'm sold. The Palm/Pump/Desktop model is flexible. Much more flexible than I think the MiniMed Paradigm model is, and more flexible than Cozmo.

So that's why I made my decision.

Frye's Electronics in Irving

I think I mentioned this when I bought it, but I found a really great little cooler/heater -- they say holds 9 cans, perfect for putting insulin and fruit juice in when you're out shopping or on a trip.

Amazon sells it for $79.99 -- Fry'es had it for $39.99

Here's the deal though.

If you live in Dallas, you would understand that the rudest, non-English speaking people work at the Frye's on Northwest Highway. And they aren't even cheaper though the store looks like it should be. (Okay, maybe an equally rude, non-English speaking group work at the Walmart at Midway and 635).

They just opened a Frye's in Irving on 635. The only thing the same between the two stores is the name and logo. The people are nice, friendly and helpful.

Anyway, back to the cooler. There was a rebate on it. Nothing on the display, so I wasn't expecting it, and was thrilled at the price as it was. Cashier insisted though, went and looked for it, and couldn't find it. Frankly I was exhausted at that point, and again, didn't really think it was happening.

Well to my amazement, I got a rebate form in the mail today! I have NEVER had anyone do that before. $10.00!