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To Dexcom or not to Dexcom

Got an email from a Dexcom employee today, my doctor has trained so they just need a letter of medical necessity.

Obviously it isn't covered by insurance yet. I don't suffer from a lot of hypos, BUT my performance at work is affected by blood sugar. Example, I was feeling tired, cranky and out of sorts this afternoon. Tested and was at 252 (but only tested because it was "time"). Cause: my infusion set was bloody, so I assume that was the reason. Don't know why, blood sugar was fine before lunch, didn't do anything different. Weird.

I have unexplained highs and lows like any diabetic, just not as high and low as a Type 1.

I've got an email out to my doctor.

So do I hold out for the Navigator, which will probably work with the Cozmo -- and I wouldn't mind going with a Cozmo pump, next pump.

Or do I go with the Dexcom which already has a deal with J&J (the meter it pairs with is a Lifescan)?

Or do I wait for insurance.

FYI: I'm predicting a price war.

Agility Experiments

I've picked up a variety of both low carb snacks and regular foods.

I've also picked up some items to keep food hot with as my Diet Gourmet lunch was a salmon taco and I can't imagine eating it cold. My Sunday lunch has soup so I'll want that hot too.

The main reason I'm posting under Gadgets though, is that I picked up a new gadget. I have a one-time use camcorder from CVS. I already had someone tape a run with Marcie, and I'm going to try to get different people to tape with either it, my Kodak digital camera or my Treo.

I really like having a short video clip of an agility run on my Treo, as it makes it ieasier to explain what agility is to my students. Especially the non-Eghlish speaking ones, though it's probably just another way to convince them that their teacher is nuts.Actually that probably true of both populations.

But it will be interesting to see which one is easier to put on the Treo, and which one is better quality.

It will also be nice to get rid of the run I have -- it's about 40 pounds ago, and about 2 years ago, and Maggie runs much queiter now.

Treo Stuff

The upgrade to the Treo has made a difference in the sound quality, not just the phone but PTunes too, I think. Very glad it was available and I upgraded last night.

Ran by Fryes and they had a car power adapter for the Treo so I picked that up, and spoiled myself a bit. I also got a Siig device that I can plug the Treo in and play PTunes music through the FM radio. It works very well. I'm surprised I figured I would be returning it.

More making diabetes better

I ordered another device and received it today. It is an eZwrap from Animas. It slides into your IR1250 (or 1200) pump and gives you a place to wrap up extra tubing.

I just installed it and it works well. The shortest length works well if I use my upper adbomen but I have to use the next longest lenth for my lower belly. However that means I end up with too much tubing.

Worth the cost.

Product "plug"

Okay, I have to admit, Accu-Chek got it right with the Multi-Clik. I've been using it for a week, and I REALLY REALLY like it. It rarely hurts, and if I did rotate the lancelets every time it probably never would.

I'm even doing finger testing! I've hardly every done finger sticks, because they hurt, and usually do forearm testing, but my forearm is a mess. Looks like needle tracks, and I tend to collect blood there.

I wish the lancelets were in the Medco formulary, and they probably will be at some point.

Basically what I do, is try to rotate my lancelets each day. I definately rotate if I have pain when I use the device.

On the other hand, the Activa meter is just too bulky.

Accu-Chek Aviva

As I just posted, I picked up an Aviva from my CDE today. I've used it a couple of times.

Frankly I like the case better than the Flash case, and switched my Flash over to it. I also like the Lancing device, and am using it. Even picked up a box of lancelets tonight and asked the CDE for a script. I have an email out to Medco to see if they are available.

Here's what I don't like about the Aviva: Right now, I cannot download the results. Thus it isn't happening. I know for a fact that I am not going to record blood sugar readings, I'm too hooked on downloading.

I wish it and the Palm Pilot would communicate but they have removed the Pocket Compass software from sale according to their 1-800 number. Let's face it, right now, the Palm OS is in big question right now.

Roche's own software doesn't work with the meter right now. I will be right up front with everyone. I test 8-10 times a day, and I'm not buying any more blood glucose software. If you want me to use your meter, you better give me free software.

EzManager doesn't work with it either, but I'm confident that that will be fixed shortly.

It is larger than the Flash and it doesn't have a backlight. Those are both Flash features I love. The test strips are larger.

However, I do like the new lancing device. It is taking some getting used to but with my history of infections, I think reusing lancing devices is not a good idea.

Omnipod Specs

Products / Product Specifications - Insulet Corporation

Here's the new insulin pump specifications. Right now, I can't see the advantage.

I would agree that tubing is a pain in the rear. On the other hand, the most sensitive and most hard to design part of the whole pump happens to be the set. I misinsert at least 2 times a month. Yesterday was the last time I screwed up, I was in a hurry and didn't wait until my skin was dry.

I really don't see it working that well for a Type 2 since it holds only 200 units. I also can't see that the unit that goes on the body is much smaller than the current Animas pump. Let's face it, the Omni pod has to be big enough to hold a AAA battery + 200 units of insulin. That's a big lump. In fact, it has to be at least as large as the Animas 1250.

It's also got to be waterproof and adhere to the skin.

The PDM looks interesting though and the fact that it works with the Freestyle.

The Diabetes debate

Diabetes Mine: Diabetes: Two Diseases in One

I'm not sure I SHOULD be singled out as a special case.

I'm also not sure diabetes CAN be prevented. I'm quite certain that in my case it couldn't have been.

Here's why I say that. I've known my genetic medical history all of my adult life.

All of my adult life my health providers have told me that I was borderline diabetic. I have always had fasting blood sugars in the 100-120's. I was even tested for diabetes when I was in high school.

None suggested putting me on oral medications until I was truly diabetic. In fact, because of the cardio vascular deaths of my father and his parents, I was put on statins a full year before the diabetes was addressed.

That physician clearly stated I was borderline at that point and that he wanted the lipids stabilized before he addressed the diabetes.

And in fact, I was still considered borderline until the day that diabetes was diagnosed.

One theory everyone has in my case, is that the diagnosis process is what destroyed my pancreas, and that I was borderline up until the day of my glucose tolerance test.

But here's the deal -- I have never drunk drinks with sugar in them. In high school I started on Tabs. I always drank unsweetened tea (can't stand the stuff, etc). I have never cared for sweet drinks. For one, I would get loggy after drinking one (remember, I have decided I am glucose sensitive). I have never been a huge sugar eater.

Our theory is that when I was put through the glucose tolerance test, my system failed, not able to cope with that much sugar in my system. I went from a fasting blood sugar of 120 the week before, to a fasting blood sugar of 400 the next week! I also had an immediate change in health and well being. I was literally sicker than a dog.

Also the oral medication didn't do much for me. Of course, going from pre-diabetic to diabetic in the space of 3 hours is going to be much harder on your system than someone who gradually became diabetic.