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The girls really spoiled me yesterday.

So far, we've had two nice runs today - but since they were excellent runs -- we didn't get any where.

Yesterday I ran into a lady who took an obedience class from me years ago, who teaches in the next building. When I told her where and what I was teaching, she asked if the former principal was trying to get rid of me. Seems that when that principal was at her school the same thing was done to her. She left me wiith this -- it took a year, but she's now where she belongs was before it all started..

Weight and Food Issues

Friday brought home another thing I need to be careful to avoid, When I get overly tired, I eat, which is the last thing I need to do in that situation.

The first thing I need to do, is just make sure I don't get that tired, which can be hard. However, maybe now that agility is on the earlier, winter schedule that might get better.

This should be a bit better week for the tired thing, especially if I can get some sleep tonight. No agility -- we have parent conferences on Thursday, though we do have another trial next weekend.

Teacher Workshops don't do me well

I thought I was being smart. I set my temp basal to 30+ at around 6:30 for 8 hours but my blood sugar is 216 and I ate a known breakfast and did my symlin.

I upped the temp basal to 40% and did a correction and checking every hour.

Part of the problem is organization. Once I got here no one was sure where I was supposed to go.

Then the district had my registration but the company putting on the workshop didn't have my name. I have some paranoia on the score that I won't get into here.

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I loaded up the beagle girls after a quick dinner and workout. We're off to a fun match. Blood sugar is 99 so I've stopped off for a Sonic salad and diet limeade and I think I willskip the bolus. With the insulin on board i'm in danger of crashing.

I think i'll pick up some CadberrySwepps sugar on the way to, just in case.
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Mouth pain

One of the issues that got to me during the trip was tooth and mouth pain.

The change in pressure really bothered the tooth I've been having with. I've also come to the conclusion I'm having gum problems.

I'm about to see, I'm at the dentist.
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Diabetes traveling overseas

One good thing about the trip is that diabetes didn't get in the way. I will put the cause of that on the new pump.

Several times I used the food list on the pump but a lot of the time I guessed and corrected later.

I'm going to talk to CDE before I do any more tweaking but I do like the results I've seen so far.

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Right now my biggest issue is sleep. Periodically I forget how to sleep. No one understands this.

Weird things trigger it. This time its the trip and the other stress I am going through.

I honestly don't know how to fix this.
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