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Cooktop isn't being installed today

I bought a new gas cooktop the day after Thanksgiving and everything has conspired to keep it from getting here.

They were holding it until the rest of my appliances came in.  I didn’t know I had to get the installation scheduled first.  Every communication has been interesting.

Well, it was scheduled for tomorrow, and then had to be moved up.  This morning, the installer called to tell me he had to postpone indefinitely, one of his crew is sick and has to go to the doctor.  He has to get well and cleared until it can be scheduled.

So I’m not completely crazy — if you let me know what is going on, I don’t get upset.  It’s just when you tell me something is going to happen and it doesn’t, I get crazy.  

What do want to bet he wants to do it Friday when I have a doctor’s appointment?  Well, husband can open the door and let them in.

GardenCup - Huge disappointment

I am deeply disappointed.  I really liked the idea of Gardencup.  They are a local business that packages salads, chia puddings, protein cups and other items.  They do ship around the country.

I got email today and text messages indicating my order would be delivered.  it’s not here.  They didn’t send their usual delivery emails.

I just canceled next weeks delivery and will be putting this week’s delivery charge in dispute with the credit card company.

Huge disappointment and I’m said because I found some healthy food I liked.

I have had some qualms — I took 4 boxes back to them and all the cups and discovered they are in a “ghost kitchen”. Better than in someone’s house, and probably the most cost effective way to start a food business but did feel like they were in for the long term.

One week of Jenny Craig– LOST WEIGHT!

Their scales weigh differently than mine, which is nice. They show 5 pounds lighter.  I have lost some weight but not much.  I had to treat several lows.

I have been adjusting my insulin dosage and hopefully that will get better.  I also dropped my calorie plan from 1700 to 1600 and plan to go to 1500 next week.

That should give me a bit more cushion for treating lows.

My blood sugar has been too high with 60-80 units a day until I went on Jenny Craig.  Now my blood sugar is too low, and ranging 40-50 units a day.  So the biggest thing now is to get the insulin tweaked correctly.

Diet To Go Food One Week Out

I agreed to try Diet To Go food for one week after being contacted by them.   They sent me 15 free meals. 

Other than that I’ve been treated just as a regular customer.

I’m very pleased with their food and their service – there are a few glitches which I am sure they can iron out.

I haven’t lost weight, BUT I have been feeling better.   Their meals produce a very smooth blood sugar.  The meals work well with my lap band – I am a little too full after some of them, but I can work that out.  My gastric system is working much better.  I have issues where I alternate between constipation and diarrhea and I go to the bathroom more normally.

I like the 5 day schedule.  Sometimes working with premade meals just don’t work out well, this week I plan to put a few meals in the freezer and alternate them out.  Especially since I might try a large agility fun match in another city.

The biggest drawback seems to be the cooler – it can’t be recycled, but so far, I’ve been able to find them homes with NextDoor.

I’ve looked into local options and can’t seem to find one.

I’ve been on their new Balance-Diabetes plan.  I am going with their 2 meals a day/5 days a week plan starting today.  With my lapband that should be the best option.  Breakfast rarely works well with the lapband, and that was true with theirs. 

More on my experiments in portion controlled food

Still waiting on DietToGo, but I did get an email that it is coming tomorrow.  And I’m over scheduled tomorrow but it will work out.

I tried the Nutrosystem food at Walmart.  A really nice idea, but I ended up taking the box back.  It was marked as good until November 2016, and the bagel in it looked moldy to both me and the sales clerk that handled the return.  That warrants a technology post.  The box was around $42.00 with tax, and contained 4 meals for each day – 5 meals total, but suggested lots of extra food.

I like the MyFit food but it’s hard to eat.  I’ve had two chicken meals with white meat chicken that took me about 30 minutes to chew.  Also a bit heavily spiced to make up for the lack of salt.  Frankly I do fine with a lighter level of spice.  Each meal contains protein and vegetables but I still feel like I need fresh produce.

I have been getting good emails from DietToGo.  I just went out and read the latest.  I also played around with the order website.  It’s a well designed website –even though they are using  mostly bootstrap.  I can’t be too critical, I broke down and using it myself.

Their facebook group has been good too – though so far, mostly got information on shipping. 

Diet To Go Lunch Day 1

I had the Eggplant Parmesan which was very good.  Easy to eat for this lapband girl.  Concerned about the carb count at 45.  However the breakfast count was good and my blood sugar has been relatively smooth.

It had Eggplant Parmesan, pasta with a side of vegetables.  I had taken everything out of the cooler about 10:00 am and it was still partially frozen which made it take a while to cook.

So far, I'm very happy, though the meals don't seem to be in MyFitnessPal.   

Much easier to eat than any of the myFitFood and also then the Snap Kitchen appeared.  The mix of main dish plus vegetables made it feel like a real lunch. 

Diet To Go Food arrived

My Diet to Go food arrived today. The whole shipping process made me nervous. I got a shipping label on Monday. It said the food wouldn't arrive until Thursday. A check through the Facebook reassured me as that was common practice and they had shipped to Texas successfully before. The only person who had an issue happened because apparently FedEx had delivered to the wrong place.

My food arrived right after the attended shipping center opened. It weighed 28 pounds and was a large well labeled cooler . There should be a photo attached. Recycling it might be an issue.
My city recycling pickup doesn't take styrofoam.

In top was a plastic bag containing wristbands and reading material. There is a booklet explaining the program. There are several miscellaneous flyers including one with healthy snack suggestions.

The top two meals were thawed but very cold. They were breakfasts that might have come unfrozen. I am eating the first cereal and yogurt which I don't think would freeze well. It tastes good. The carb count is a bit high at 48 grams. The cereal is labeled cinnamon walnut cereal and the yogurt is Chobani Simply 100 peach flavor.

So far so good!

Aug 11, 2016

Other Options

So I'm looking at some other options.  Nutrisystem has a plan that is $9.82 a day but you have to commit to 4 weeks.  A similar plan for my husband runs $11.25 with the same four week commitment.

The nice thing about Nutrisystem is that they have some meals available at Walmart.   Their 5 day boxes are really inexpensive, running between $25 - $45.00   I've wondered about grabbing one of those boxes when traveling.

There is also Jenny Craig.  I've done that in the past and did well.  They have a 3 day sample kit for $39.99.  It doesn't look like it has changed that much.  Membership fee, monthly feed, plus food.

Still waiting :-)



Waiting Impatiently

I am getting quite impatient for my DietToGo food, probably because I got a shipping notice yesterday and it isn't arriving until Thursday.

First I checked Facebook and that is normal and fine. Still something to be aware of.

But in the meantime I decided to try some local services.

The first was Snap Kitchen. I went in and what they call meals don't fit my definition. A single plate with no vegetables. Also higher priced. I left with no food.

The second was MyFit Foods which I tried in the past. Their meals include a protein and vegetables with some exceptions. I bought 9 meals for $77.52 with tax.  That worked out to $8.60 per meal.  They have a nutritionist on staff, supplements and cleanses I think they call them. Obviously their food was more appealing than the other local option. Also drive time to get is fairly far away. They do have house accounts with bonus bucks that saves some money.



Pom Tea

The wonderful people at (sorry for the pun), have sent me another box.

This is a line of teas, and I am drinking the first bottle, Pomegranate Blackberry Tea.

Now, I like the Pomagranate juice they sent me, and still have some in the frig.  My deal is that it is just too high carb, and too intense in taste to drink it straight out of the bottle, but I have found it is great to spike other drinks with.

This tea is great though.  I'm drinking "regular" right now, and 20 carbs per serving.  They did do the think that irks me, and put two servings in the bottle.  Please, mark the serving size on the side, or make it on serving and do the math for me. 

It is bolus worthy though, and I would buy this tea.