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Fitness4Diabetics Feed

Busy Week

I've had a busy week.  I've knocked out 2 1/2 days of staff development -- all on Wed Mastering topics.  Tuesday, the first day, made me remember just how tired I get in staff development.  Sitting still all day is hard work when you are used to running around the room. 

I am also working on test development for my district.  That's also stressful, but getting better.

I'm using a new style of insertion set -- clinical trial, and am having erratic blood sugars, but it could be the heat, the workshops, the stress from different work, or the phases of the moon. 

 My Fitness4Diabetics workouts are still going well, and also my food intake.  I've lost 15 pounds now, and I think I'm also starting to notice.  I'm up to 25 minutes of straight walking, which I couldn't do at the start.

I'm definitely going to resign the exercise the portion, haven't decided entirely on the nutrition, but I probably ought to since I'll be eating away from home during my Monroe and Pittsburgh trips.

Still working on planning Pittsburgh, but I'm pretty sure about Monroe right now -- I am planning to pack and start my drive after dog class on Monday night (several weeks from now), and getting some of the trip out of the way.  I am going to take my emergency CPAP battery and sleep on the road.  I have 3 dogs, so no one can really sneak up on me.  One thing I'm thinking about is getting my concealed carry license and carry a weapon but I have to find out about laws in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Same thing for my trip to Pittsburgh.

Half way with Fitness4Diabetics

My A1c is better, I understand how to counteract exercise with my pump now, or at least I understand better.  I also know better how to use exercise to control how much insulin I use.

The bonus, is that I lost weight!

I'm not sure if my agility times have improved -- I really won't know that until Monroe -- I tried an outdoor trial but it really isn't a test, and I need to do more matches with Marcie to convince her I really am faster. 

I'm definately happy with the program and the support.  They do a good job.

My knees are better too.  Both knees have been bothering me lately but I've also learned to work through it.  Or to stop and do something else and then go back to it.

So I'm definately going to sign up for another round.

Weekend focus

The last two weekends were about increasing my aerobic ability and dropping my TDD.  This weekend, because I wasn't sleeping well last week, has been about catching up on sleep.  I'm also focusing on getting my house back together.

I only got 2 20 minute sessions done on the treadmill, yesterday, but my TDD was still around 40 units. 

I also have good news.  I saw a new low weight yesterday for a weight loss of 7 pounds!  I didn't see it again today, but that's normal for me.  I'll see a 2-3 pound fluxation from day to day.  Some of that is due to water retention.

All in all, I'm still very very happy with fitness for diabetics and even planning to sign up for another intensive 4 month session.

Finished Week 5

Yesterday I finished my 5th week of working out with Fitness4Diabetics.

Things are going well.  My TDD has gone from 80 units a day to just about 45 units a day.  I have increased my walking from 10 minutes straight to 20 minutes.  I think I've lost about 5 pounds.

My average blood sugar accoding to my meter went from 171 to 148.

All in all not bad.

And I really didn't expect to lose any weight.

Very quick post

Had an excellent day (my Fitness 4 Diabetes coach even says so....

I got up, ran Marcie up to the vet for phenobarbal levels which are good.

Then when over to school, sat down and made sub notes, and made sure I had everything for field testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Picked up Diet Gourmet food and ran by Office Depot because I was out of ink and paper and it's 10% off teacher appreciate week.

Dropped that stuff off, went over to City Hall and voted in early voting.

Got back to meet A/C people at 11:00.  They sent out a guy to start tearing stuff out at 11:00 and the actual unit came at 1:00 pm just as they said they would on Saturday.

They were wonderful -- though next time, I'll go get the dog when the vet calls at 3:15.  They said we'd have cold air in an hour and figured that meant they would be done then.

They got done at 5:15. Just enough time to get Marcie at the vets and get to agility class 45 minutes early, even though we stopped and hung out at Petsmart for a few minutes -- FYI if you have to get your dog pills they make a dog food flavored thing you can hide the pills in.  It's the one thing I've found that the beagles won't eat while spitting out the pills.

Even hit the hot tub.

Man, it's nice to sleep in a cool, dry (it's been humid) house.

Another weekend experiment

I did 80 minutes today -- about 20 minutes every time I ate something plus 20 minutes. It's the most I've walked in a long time. I still do the Symlin, but that means no bolus insulin. Or at least very little. My blood sugar has stayed between 135 and 180 all day.

I'm looking forward to my TDD going down some more -- it did last week after last week's experiment. Not a lot, but a nice steady pace. I'm definately at 50 units average TDD right now, and often see a TDD in the low 40s.

I'm also doing lasix, though I don't see the weight loss like I did before (though I'll see tomorrow).

Right now, I'm waiting for a guy to come and give me a second quote on A/C. I got one this morning which we can do, but I'm hoping this one is more doable and hoping he can get it done on Monday.

Thankfully we've had slow rain and overcast all day so we can have the windows open though it is VERY noisy. And humid.

More experiments

Well, I don't consider the lasix thing an experiment anymore, since the endo not only approved it but wrote a script up for it.

I'm still showing a 4-5 pound weight loss, not bad with almost 4 weeks of working with fitness4diabetics.  The approximate is because of the water weight fluxuations.

I have been doing another experiment this weekend, and it's to see how little insulin I can get by with.  If I do a fairly decently low carb meal, and walk for 20 minutes after, I don't need much of a bolus -- I am still doing basal insulin AND symlin though.  So I'm not completely insulin free.  It only saved 10 units yesterday.

I have to watch the low carb -- the more I low carb, the worst the gastric reflux. 

So all in all, I'm still losing weight, still happy with fitness4diabetics, though I have to be careful during the workweek not to get too tired.  Had a couple of bad days of eating as a result of that.

Experiment results

The five pounds I lost are still missing.  I really bounce around on the scales though.  My friend edema.

I screwed up last night's meal -- gave myself 10 units instead of 5.  Didn't sleep well, but I don't think it was gastric reflux as I have not been coughing as much today.  I tend to have trouble sleeping on Monday's as I get home from dog agility late.  Blood sugar was beautiful yesterday evening.

Got yesterday scripts off to Medco.  Decided to go ahead and ship off the new blood pressure pills, may even switch to them instead of waiting.

Wish there was a place to take good but no longer needed medication to.  I've had the same problem with contacts.

More good news, since I've decided to limit my calories (but way higher than fitness4diabetes has suggested), I've been able to do it.  And still off the carbonated drinks.  In fact, haven't touched one today.  Though that doesn't seem to influence the GERD.