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Fitness4Diabetics Feed

Status Update

First, I was released from Physical Therapy last week, and I am just getting used to having those 4 hours back.  I’m still very stiff and have muscle pains everywhere but the right knee.

Today is the first day I missed a workout that I didn’t have PT scheduled in the afternoon.  Just tired and had trouble waking up.  Not sure if I’ll try to make the workout up at all.  I’m just exhausted between not sleeping well before a staff development and my dog training schedule.  I have three late night classes right now, and it’s hard to wind down.  I need to schedule a nap before I go to class.

Fit4D is a bit disappointing as it takes SO long from them to ramp up.  I finally got a strength workout from them yesterday, but haven’t had a chance to try anything.

My biggest problem is my food issues – I’m still binging, especially when I’m tired.  The good news is that I haven’t had a food incident since Saturday night, so I might have just tried too fast. Those who read this will remember I had gotten to the point I couldn’t eat any real food and had to have an unfill from my lapband.  Still not happy with it.

Type 2 - Test Strip Game


If you are a Type 2 diabetic on medication, you probably have been told to play the "test strip" game.  Even Fit4D plays this game.


Here is how the game works:

  • On day 1 and day 2, you test in the morning, fasting and 2 hours after breakast and record it. 
  • On day 3 and day 4, you test before and 2 hours after the meal and record it.
  • On day 5 and day 6, you test before and 2 hours after the meal and record it.
  • On day 7 you test before an evening snack and record fasting the next day.


Rinse and repeat.  This is insane!  Doesn't even give a decent picture.


Okay, name 3 people who are organized enough to do that.  Here's how it should go:

Test every day, morning, lunch and dinner, probably two hours after. Testing after meals you eat a lot of both before and after are good.  Now I'm a pumper and do a bit more.  I often forget the before meal check, but I always get the after meal (bolus check). 



Why I am still depressed

Other than a possible diabetes complication of depression, I know that I am still depressed and unhappy with my life.

Fit4D helped me figure it out completely, but I have been suspecting it for some time. 

It’s the lapband.  I’m going to try an unfill Monday, IF I get a half day sub.  Right now, the sub system is down, and when I checked last night, I didn’t have one.

I am so restricted on what I can eat right now it isn’t funny.  I can’t eat solid food before around 2:00 pm, and there isn’t much food I can eat of the solid variety.  At lot of this is due to the school year, this week was awful and I still have to write an email about it, solving the problem.

The following foods are completely out:

    • pork (though I can do sausage if I avoid the skins)
    • most beef
    • fried or grilled chicken
    • vegetables
    • fruit

With the exception of anything that is cooked in a sauce.  Notice I didn’t say sauce added, though that can help.

I cough food up on a regular basis, no matter how slow I eat.  Coughing food up isn’t pretty and probably isn’t good for me.

What really triggered things was the Fit4D people bitching about what I was eating.  The phone call from the coach was very negative along with the emails.  To continue with them I had to set some boundaries because the depression is worse.  I’m on the verge of tears even writing this.

I honestly can’t eat any of their suggestions.


As always, it takes a bit of time to get things cranked up.  I signed up on Monday, got paperwork yesterday and got them most of the information they need by early this morning.  The good news, is I have a lot of data.  The bad news is that it will take some time to process it, and get the rest of the data from doctor’s etc.

Signed up for Fit4D

When I first set up my home gym, and Fit4D first started, I signed up and had very good luck with them.  Got to where I didn't need them, as my routine didn't change much.

But now that I have a completely different routine, and will soon be leaving physical therapy, I find the need. 

I'll let everyone know how it goes.

During the webinair Thursday they said they were offering incentives if you referred a new member, so let them know I sent you!

Fit4D™ offers people with diabetes access to health, fitness and nutrition experts, at your convenience. 

Seriously) the service has been great. I've done a full exercise" and nutrition cycle with them and a extended exercise only. l am planning on another exercise session then go to their year long plan.

I am almost where I was after I first went on Symlinand before I injured my knee. About another 5 lbs to go.I really think I can do it.

Fitness 4 Diabetics

I did finish my first program last week. I lost 11 pounds with them, which wasn't part of the plan.  I've increased exercise from about 15 minutes a day to 60 minutes, but it's not really the same since I started the program while I was teaching.

I do think dog agility is going better.

Lately I've been having problems with food again, had quite a bit of stressing events this summer, but I've learned to eat "better" foods when I'm stressed.  More salads and I've added dried fruit to my foods.  Everything prepackaged, which makes it easier to dose, and makes it less likely I'll completely lose track of what I've eaten.

I'm extended the fitness portion of my plan for another 4 months.

Diabetic and Determined - New York Times

Great article -- and enough some information on Fitness4Diabetics 

Today athletes with Type 1 diabetes are blasting out of the starting gate in full force. Because of new technology, the emergence of companies that help them manage their illness, the rise of successful role models and sheer determination, they are running marathons, doing 100-mile bike rides, completing Ironmen — many with their doctor’s blessing.

Diabetic and Determined - New York Times


I'm off to Monroe (Louisiana) to an agility trial in a few minutes.  Bad thing about traveling with dogs, the truck is completely filled with their stuff and there isn't much room for my stuff.

They have an exercise pen and matt for the trial site, and an extra set of cages for the hotel -- that DOES make life easier, food, bowls, water, etc.  Three dogs takes up a lot of room in a small truck.

I'm traveling with the Dexcom for the first time.  I am going to leave manuals, etc. at home as they have 24/7 support AND have the manual on line, and I have that available to me.

I'm also taking Fitness4Diabetics on the road for the first time too.  My workouts will be curtailed to some extend, but then I've been known to put in over 15,000 steps at a trial.

Next week I'm going on a road trip by myself, so this will be a good rehearsal.