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New Low / New Sizes

I’ve been a bit stalled, but not too bad, since I had the job.  Less sleep, more siting, less moving.

Since I don’t think your grandmother should be teaching in leggings and athleisure tops, and our dress code is jeans and t-shirt, I have gone shopping.

Wearing size 18WP for the first time in decades.  Though it’s hard to find that size.  I snagged three pair from Macy’s for under $35.00 and free shipping so I went ahead and snagged some 16WP.  

I also tried my 1x exercise clothing and I’m going to start easing them into the wardrobe.  There isn’t much difference in size between 1x and XXL, but there is some.

I’m taking very little insulin and less I cheat and eat more than 20 carbs at a sitting.

I’m at 11.3% weight change and 29.1 pounds until my goal according to the Profile Scale.

That also means I’m at 94 pounds loss total since the lap band surgery and I was at my heaviest.

Awesome Nordstrom Experience

Posting here because @Nordstrom has ads here.

In the midst of an awecome @Nordstrom exerience which all mistakes were my fault.

My sister and I share a birthday and I foud the perfect present for her on clearance and since I’ve gone through the checkout process with them only to find out that someone else bought the same item before I did, and didn’t get it, I didn’t check the address until after tracking showed it was delivered and she didn’t get it.

I sent it to her old address with her new name.  <sigh>

They opened it without seeing who it was to, but that’s okay.  She got ahold of them and they put it out for UPS to pick up again.

I called Nordstrom customer service to see it if had arrived and told the customer service rep the story. It took us some looking but the reason it was on clearance is that the manufacturer had come out with a new version that was cuter.

Since they hadn’t processed the new one (if it has even arrived), they still went ahead and shipped the new version for the sale price AND upgraded the shipping for free for her to get it in time, since UPS is playing crazy games.

All very awesome.


Though when we were talking about this, Karen decided to get me a Nordstrom gift card because “they take care of you”, to the point of carrying exercise wear in my size. 

Typing this while at Nordstrom buying exercise wear and taking advantage of my personal 10 points day.

Love Nordstrom's Active Wear!

Yes, this is an ad.  Click here and order stuff.  I need some extra income.

 NORDSTROM - Shop Activewear for the New Year

Seriously, my whole gym experience changed when I changed the way I dressed. First, one of the personal trainers at LA Fitness started being the exercise wear Nazi. Now I was wearing my big skirts with my big tshirts and hoping no one noticed me.  So I was hoping no one would get on me for what I was wearing.

Seriously who was I kidding, I had a very cute beagle with me -- and she likes to flirt with men.  Now I wear either the Zella Move Capri's and a Zella top, or a Zella top with loose pants I got at the Nordstrom Rack.  I perfer the Zella, and I love their jackets.

Unfortunately someone ate a hole in a pocket because her mother left the jacket where she could get to it, and it was NOT Dulce.

Anyway, I am enjoying my workouts more with nice clothing.  Give it a try.

Clothing and Nordstrom's

I have gotten hooked on clothing and shopping lately.  I am going to start doing some fashion blogging.

Here's my latest casual find:


Whole outfit is Nordstrom:

Top is super comfortable.

The jeans are NYDJ, which I am hooked on.  I got these at Nordstrom Rack.

The shoes are Toms:


The black crochet. 

Perfect for shopping at Nordstroms.... and doing errands.