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First time doing a full gym workout

I froze my gym membership back in March when it was free. It unfroze on Tuesday and I went in and did some cardio to see how it was going to be. Saw some regulars, saw some things I didn't like == mostly people without masks. I'll probably start using the pool next week. Some lockers are open and half the showers. Today I went in and did a full leg and arm workout and 30 minutes of cardio. Saw some more regulars. Nice to see that people have survived the quarantine, especially the employees. I can always freeze again, but I think I'll keep it unfrozen. It an be lonely teaching online.

Love Nordstrom's Active Wear!

Yes, this is an ad.  Click here and order stuff.  I need some extra income.

 NORDSTROM - Shop Activewear for the New Year

Seriously, my whole gym experience changed when I changed the way I dressed. First, one of the personal trainers at LA Fitness started being the exercise wear Nazi. Now I was wearing my big skirts with my big tshirts and hoping no one noticed me.  So I was hoping no one would get on me for what I was wearing.

Seriously who was I kidding, I had a very cute beagle with me -- and she likes to flirt with men.  Now I wear either the Zella Move Capri's and a Zella top, or a Zella top with loose pants I got at the Nordstrom Rack.  I perfer the Zella, and I love their jackets.

Unfortunately someone ate a hole in a pocket because her mother left the jacket where she could get to it, and it was NOT Dulce.

Anyway, I am enjoying my workouts more with nice clothing.  Give it a try.


I just braved massive traffic to get to LA Fitness, construction has south bound Josey from 3 to 1 lanes. If i weren't going to the grocery store when I get done I would have gone to Planet Fitness.

I am not sure which gym I will be keeping in October when the LA Fitness membership expires. Of course this gym may not survive the construction.

Major Brag: Worked out in the morning

For the first time in years, I was able to get up and work out in the morning.

Seriously, for a long time, I was able to get up in the morning, go to the gym, work out, get ready for work and go to school.  However, there are some major differences between this gym and that one.  Towel service! And I have to plan hard to get it done.

I also take one of the @LAFitness hints and keep a full, clean set of work out gear in my car at all times.

However, to do the morning thing, I have to pack a bag the night before and have it ready to go.  Yes, I've already packed tomorrow's outfit and am almost ready to go.  One of the things I do that helps, is tha as soon as I get home, I empty and repack my gym bag, so I am good to go.

I'm up to 25 minutes a day on the stationary bike and I need to ask my physical therapist how much I should shoot for.

Very quick post

Had an excellent day (my Fitness 4 Diabetes coach even says so....

I got up, ran Marcie up to the vet for phenobarbal levels which are good.

Then when over to school, sat down and made sub notes, and made sure I had everything for field testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Picked up Diet Gourmet food and ran by Office Depot because I was out of ink and paper and it's 10% off teacher appreciate week.

Dropped that stuff off, went over to City Hall and voted in early voting.

Got back to meet A/C people at 11:00.  They sent out a guy to start tearing stuff out at 11:00 and the actual unit came at 1:00 pm just as they said they would on Saturday.

They were wonderful -- though next time, I'll go get the dog when the vet calls at 3:15.  They said we'd have cold air in an hour and figured that meant they would be done then.

They got done at 5:15. Just enough time to get Marcie at the vets and get to agility class 45 minutes early, even though we stopped and hung out at Petsmart for a few minutes -- FYI if you have to get your dog pills they make a dog food flavored thing you can hide the pills in.  It's the one thing I've found that the beagles won't eat while spitting out the pills.

Even hit the hot tub.

Man, it's nice to sleep in a cool, dry (it's been humid) house.

In the News

I think you have to register (but it's free, and I don't think you have to be a doctor, but not sure) anyway, I quote the part that worries me.

Reclassifying Insulins

Insulins have hitherto been distinguished as clear (short-acting) and cloudy (long-acting). However the introduction of glargine, which is a clear long-acting insulin, has prompted the need for reclassification. In view of the increasing emphasis on intensive insulin therapy using basal-bolus regimens, a new, simple, pragmatic classification is suggested in which insulins are categorised according to the timing and purpose of administration: basal (maintenance), bolus (meal) and biphasic (mixed).

I'm a member of the internet insulin pump users list, and periodically we get an email from a member who has been given the wrong insulin by a pharmacist -- they always catch it because the insulin is cloudy instead of clear.

Clearly, pharmacists are human and make mistakes. I always double check my boxes when they come in.

HOWEVER, how are we going to catch this mistake? Hopefully they won't make the mistake -- BUT THEY DO!

Shouldn't this insulin be cloudy? Or another color? Someway the poor unsuspecting diabetic has to make sure someone isn't accidently given him the wrong meds?