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Diabetes Alert Dog Feed

Dulce's First Official Outing

The baggage thing is no fun, and I'm not sure she likes it.  I brought a rolling cart with our stuff in it and her cage.  There is a lot to keep up with.  I am going to try something different tomorrow.  Plus I don't need much stuff there.

People were surprised a beagle is so calm. Well, my beagles are. 

We took a restroom break, and she went as soon as I told her to.  I did lose her in the ladies restroom for a minute as I'm not quite used to the one handed or leash thing.  We need to work on stays in public.

There is NO privacy.  Everyone has to hear the story.  I'm getting used to that.  Thankfully the workshop organizers have rescued me a few times.

First Steps

Some basic work I’ve done with Dulce:

  • Trained to sit on a mat – will work on that harder
  • Leash trained

First steps today

  • Ordered service dog vest from Sit Stay
  • Ordered service dog cards from Sit Stay
  • Sent email to endo informing him of intend (he knows I’m a dog trainer, already had appointment scheduled for next week, and already concerned about labs)
  • Initial contact to union
  • Purchased an additional stock of snack bags (cann’t have too many)
  • Purchased cotton swabs for samples

My qualifications for training my own diabetes alert dog

Trained K9 Police dogs and handlers for around a decade for various departments in the North Texas area.  Established certification standards for said dogs and handlers and was a certifying official.  While the founder of the group was of questionable integrity, the other members of the group were and have high standards of integrity.

Was trainer and handler for the number one obedience beagle in the country according to various ratings from approximately 1988-1996 (depending on the ratings organization).  Number 1 according to the National Beagle Club in 1990.

Quoted in Karen Pryor’s “The New Art of Teaching and Training”, Don’t Shoot the Dog, Second Edition.

Taught obedience classes for the Dallas Obedience Club and the Dallas Community College District.

Diagnosed with diabetes in 2002 and have been on an insulin pump since 2004.

Legitimate Resources

Have done some digging around on this site, and they look legimate:

Also: which references

By the way, run the other way if the outfit wants much more than $2000.  Run really far if the amount is more than $5000.  The ideal model is that the majority of expenses are paid for by donations, and the minority of expenses are paid by the recipient.  Usually enough is required show that the recipient is seriously interested.