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Dexcom Feed

Dexcom Adventures

I am on day three of this sensor and it was been close to the One Touch meter most of the time. This evening is a time when the Dexcom proved its worth had two tacos and a fajita nacho order and instead I have a steady increase of blood sugar no fall. Well my site has been steadily bruising and between the bruising and the Dexcom trend I decided it was time to change the site. by the way I am getting a heck of a lot of bruising lately.

Dexcom Sensor came off today

One of the keys to having a sensor last a long time, or the adhesive.  This one lasted 6 days and just came off.  I thought I had problem from the beginning because there was a crease in the white bandage.  I shold have fastened it down with adhesive, but I had a lot of other things on my mind and hndsight is 20/20.  I'm planning on putting the next sensor on Wedneday so I'll been through with the calibration before I take off on Thursday. 

More on Bad Sensor

Well, I checked with Dexcom and I did put the sensor in on Saturday morning, so they do feel I got good life out of it.  I am, however, glad to be rid of that box.  I am not sure, but I think every one but that one ended early. 


I am definately going to wait until the morning to insert, but might put it off a few days, just because I'm doing an agility trial and I'm not sure I need the extra hassle.  I also think my skin needs a break.  I'm still convinced it is a bit of a skin issue.

Another Sensor died

Another sensor died.  This one really never lived -- started dying in the evening last night and had put it in the morning.


Dexcom is replacing it, but it's such a hassle.  I have learned to sit out a few hours, let skin heal, and take a real shower before I try a new sensor.


It's still sad.  They said I had a lot of noise and it just shut down.

Dexcom -- nice to have it back in my pocket

I put my latest sensor in on Monday morning, which should get me through to the beginning of next week and past the dog show.

Dummy me forgets the cable so I had to come back home and get it.  And went a few extra sets of hours without numbers <smile>

And the numbers since in have been very close to the meter.

I will say that I've lost my discipline to test since Dexcom.  I missed a lot of tests on the weekend and my blood sugar did get out of control.

Flying without a Net

I decided to go without Dexcom for a few days.  The current sensor stopped working -- and man it was a good sensor.  Lasted 10 days, and was accurate the whole time.

However, if I put in a new sensor today, I'll have a sensor failure during a dog show next weekend, and it's not something I want to deal with.  I'm going to try going without until Monday. 

I think it is probably a good idea to give my skin a bit of a rest anyway.  The Dexcom is hard on it.

This is the first I've been without CGMS I started in July.

Dexcom Wishes

I agree with those who want an always on display. I have a few more wants. I want an alarm to go off when the receiver is too far away. I have lost my receiver several times and freaked out. beeping would be nice. You should also be able to shut down the receiver completely, both the display and the above alarm.

Dexcom has good tech support

Last Sunday, I had a sensor go bad a few days early.  It just started giving wacky readings.  Just about the time I did a full download of it on a new computer.

Smart thinking -- I downloaded the data the next morning.  Called Dexcom tech support when I had time to talk, and was able to remotely access my Dexcom program (through gotomypc), and sent Tech Support data.  Worked with them for two days via email, but the sensor never did straighten out.

I swapped sensors a day early and the new sensor has been night and day different.  In fact, I am on day 8 now.

The best news, they sent me a new sensor.

Dexcom Thoughts

Not only is the Dexcom doing a great time most of the time (right now I'm wearing an wonky sensor), but it is also does a lot of other good things.

First, it is an interesting feed back loop.  One thing I've noticed, and I'm not the only one, is that the better you manage your diabetes, the better the Dexcom works.  Thus, just by using the Dexcom alone, you tend to manage your blood sugar better.  Someone needs to do a clinical trial and see if we're right.

Second, it opens up some interesting conversations.  Mostly on the line of, is your diabetes THAT bad.  No, it isn't.  I just like to see the data and manage it better.

Remember, it opened up a conversation between my self and my student I've posted about.

I need to learn to trust the technology!

My pump just went off -- post breakfast.  Checked Dexcom -- 104 with a nice steady downward trend.  Three hours after breakfast.  I probably will make it until lunch, but I will probably eat something to be safe.

At the same time, I did an increase on my bolus rate.  Was using a 1:4 ratio and went to a 1:6 ratio since my pre 8:00 am was slow, and my after 8:00 was at 1:6.  Plus I've gone low a bunch in the mornings lately.