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DBlogNov2009 Feed

Yikes - 312

Heading for bed -- had some random protein and some random carbs in hoping they will help me go to sleep.

Took some insulin, took my night time meds and heading for bed.

Oh, and finally got brave enough to get on the scale and I am maintaining my weight.  better than gaining.

Day in the Life - Dinner

Dinner was provided with our workshop -- thankfully BBQ.  Had some beef, a bit of chicken and a bit of turkey and then really wet it down with sauce.  With the lapband, I've found that the wetter the protein the easier.  Examples: beef with queso sauce, chicken with any kind of sauce, etc.  Worked well, did some hipcupping towards the end.  Had a few bites of potato salad and quite a bit of coleslaw.

Slipped dessert.

Didn't test, but it's just been 2 hours now from my last bolus, and I was at 173 and bolused.  Still running high.

Oh, by the way, the vision is a bit blurred but I am not sure if it is blood sugar, lack ef sleep or just need to get checked out by the optomitist again.

After school

First I'm exhausted and have to be at a class until, welll, too late for me.

I stopped and got a McD's Filet of Fish, I've found this is one protein that if i work hard, can eat from a fast food restaurant.  I was able to get down all the fish and some of the carb.

The disappointment is that I am drinking an extremely bitter mocha and I have no idea how much sugar is in it if any.

Anyway, I skipped testing when I got the food, bolused for a full filet of fish (38 carbs) and am going to wing it.

More Day in the Life of

So because I'm tired and cranky, I really want something to chew.  I keep Special K Protein Bars in my closet.  I go to test, drop my lancing device, test my blood sugar (184), notice that my test strip canister is empty, toss it, get a new one.

Stop and answer a student question.

Go back, read the protein bar, it has 25 carbs, bolus for that and the blood sugar.  And trust me I'm being good today since I'm blogging.

A day in my life

I decided that for Dblog day i need to do something less lame -- so a day in my life, recreating the morning.

I woke up at approximately 5:20 with the pump beeping, saying it was out of insulin etc.  Tangled up in CPAP mask tubing and pump, I unwound everything and was just too tired to deal with it.  Pulled off part of the site, didn't get all of it.

Alarm went off at 6:00 am but too tired to move.  Finally got out of bed at 6:15 and had a "naked" shower.  No site = "naked" shower.  Took medication with water.

Still groggy etc, sat down at computer to download Audible book subscriptions, check bank account, etc.  Finally got it together enough to put insulin in pump and put in a new site.  Got dressed, went downstairs, put shoes on and grabbed lunch bag. 

Drank left over water in car and drove to school.  Stopped at McDonald's and ordered a hot mocha, and then remembered had not checked blood sugar.  Bolused for 197 and the mocha.  After bolus changed temp basal to 50% to make up for the missing insulin.  Don't worry, doesn't make a lot of sense but works.

Went through normal school routine, pump buzzed me two hours after the Mc"Ds stop and blood sugar was 180 so bolused for that.

Wrote lame dblog post.

Had teacher tech stuff to do outside of the classroom, so made sure I had my diabetes bag with me.

Decided to "eat" lunch at 12:07 so tested blood sugar and was 168.  Checked SlimFast can and entered in 24 grams of carbs, then decided to write this post instead of lame dblog post.  I do SlimFast at work since eating stressed me out, especially when I end up coughing some of lunch up. 

In reviewing my blood sugars, have decided to do temporary basal again, since blood sugar is still too high.

By the way, insulin pump is an Animas Ping, and the blood sugar meter is a One Touch ping.

I am groggy today because I can only sleep 6 hours at a time right now.  CPAP mask is bothering, and not sure what else.  Couldn't get myself to go to bed before midnight last night.

More as things happen, health related.

Today is apparently #dblogday

I've also been blogging every day this month for #NaBloPoMo.

As long time readers can tell, I usually do my own thing.  I am the longest continuous blogger on the diabetes topic, my first blog posts were in February 2003.

The purpose of the blog is to get better about writing, collect information about diabetes and my other medical conditions, and give myself a place to vent.

I don't join "Carnivals" -- though years ago I did submit a post to Grand Rounds because I wanted to get a point of view across to some doctors.  And I don't do a lot of other diabetes awareness things.

This year I have.  My nails are blue, which has already given me the opportunity to talk about diabetes awareness, and i'm posting this blog entry.

I'm also thinking about posting a set of "day in the life of a Type 2 insulin pumper whose had lap band surgery", and might pick a day later this week.  I think Scott Hanselman's series he did several years back was interesting.

Diabetes is a challenge along with all the rest of the challenges I've had. 

I doubt that there will be a cure that will help me.  Mine is genetic and lifestyle related -- I was raised by several generations of diabetics.  When there is a genetic component there is also going to be an environment component, and it took years for my mother to learn to cook healthy.  I think I was able to change faster than she was.

This seems a bit lame, which is one of the reasons I don't participate in these things.