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Cornea Dystrophy and lack of sleep

I’m thinking they are related.  Especially for me.

Doing a search on the internet on both conditions doesn’t get any hits.

This week, I didn’t sleep much — we had rolling blackouts, was worried about the house and everything else with the deep cold (for Dallas).

By the fourth day, I had familiar eye pain.  I’ll say that the sleep has been getting better, with each night more hours of sleep and less wakening.

The eye pain is getting better — pm eye ointment helps a lot if only to get rid of the crust I have in the morning. 

Can’t wait until we’re all over this.

Weight Milestone

I currently see my lowest weight on my scale since 2017.  It may be lower, as it is very close to my lowest weight since Lap Band.  I got on the scale three times to see if it was really true.

Profile by Sanford is a pretty easy plan for me.  First, it’s low carb.  I’ve always been able to do low carb.  Second, most of the meals are pretty easy to make.

I’ve been doing their meal replacement shakes for breakfast which is a great substitute for my old breakfast: McDonald’s Mocha.

I use their Mocha shake and add coffee and whipped cream to it.  Taste and texture is very similar and it’s been so long since I’ve done that.

Lunch has been their Pizza crust with veggies and cheese.  If I get hungry I add a salad.

Afternoon has been their protein bar and their fiber replacement, usually jello which I made when the pizza is in the oven.

For dinner I make us something from emeals.  One night was taco soup which Rich really like.  Most of the time he likes the meals, and I tell him he is free to eat more carbs.

One day a week I do lunch out — usually Nicoise salad with salmon and no potatoes.

One day a week we do take out — Chili’s and I do their steak and asparagus.

When I travel, I take my food with me, and stick to salads and Chili’s steak.

Here’s some fun stats.

I’ve gone from 80 units of insulin a day to 8.  

I’ve been consistently losing 1-2 pounds a week.  


What vaccination means to me

I've said this on other people's posts but finding out that I've had the vaccine since September / October is a huge relief.

First, I've managed to not get covid by masking, social distancing, and washing my hands. I've traveled to Oklahoma, East Texas, and Glen Rose. I get my nails done weekly, I go to Nordstrom's for lunch, and a few other restaurants. I go shopping. I go to the gym, but when they got really bad about not wearing a mask, I froze my membership again.
BUT, there was a little voice in my head, wondering if I am doing the right thing.

That little voice is gone now. It's very freeing.

Yes, I am still wearing a mask, but I'm back at the gym. I'm still social distancing, but I'll admit to getting a hug last week and it felt really good. Second hug since March.

When I wake up stiff and congested, I no longer wonder if I have covid.
Yes, I know that the science isn't proven yet whether or not, I can catch it and spread it BUT I didn't catch it and spread it before I was vaccinated or before I knew I was vaccinated.

What knowing I was vaccinated does is let me know I was doing the right thing.

That's freeing. Even if I still wear a mask, keep my distance, and wash my hands.

Just hit a goal that was supposed to be a short term goal

I have hit a weight goal I've had for several years.  I’ve always looked at weight loss as a short term and a long term goal.

My short term goal has been 245.  I’ve tried for two years to reach that, and I’ve been within a pound or two.

I've been on a great behavioral management plan, but I really needed the structure that Profile gives.

I know that I'm going to hit plateau's and I know I'll go off plan (I did a bit yesterday, broke down and ate a fun-sized chocolate bar).

I think I've finally found the key for me to lose weight!

For those who don’t know:

I started out at 320 pounds in May 2009, had bariatric surgery and lost 70 pounds. I stalled out a few years ago and in the last year, the band was so tight I couldn't eat anything healthy. I could have done the shakes, but not dinner.

I saw a bariatric surgeon this summer and after lots of testing we found that my band had slipped. She took all the fluid out of the band and I promptly gained about 5 pounds.

I literally found Profile by Sanford by driving down the street and joined that day. We couldn't get doctor's approval for Reboot for a few weeks, but I still lost weight.

Looking at a Revision

I haven't been happy with the lap band for a while. I've been stuck. I had lost over 90 pounds, then started gaining again and I'm at a total of 70 pounds lost. I've tried a bunch of stuff, but nothing has worked. Well, that's not true, I started losing weight again with Precision Nutition - an online program. I went saw the bariatric surgeon who initially did the lap band surgery but wasn't happy with his attitude. He wanted to put me under and look at the band. He didn't explain what he was talking about until I asked, and that was about 5 minutes of talking to me, with me totally confused. Before I left, I mentioned to the office staff I would rather talk to him about a revision before we did anything else, but that request went ignored. When I went to looking for him, he didn't come as being covered by my insurance. Another surgeon that I had seen for aftercare DID come up and after not hearing from the initial surgeon about the revision, I made an appointment with her. I'm very happy with her, and I've proceeded with her suggestions. Since I'm 60, we did a cardiac workout and apparently I'm cleared -- but haven't gotten the official word yet. I've also had an upper GI, and apparently the band has slipped slightly. I'll know more after the surgeon gets back from vacation. The best part is that I've gotten the office staff work with me. They wanted a sleep study and I finally got across to them that I don't need one because I'm under the care of sleep doctor and am on CPAP therapy. I'm happiest because I found a dietitian I like in June and I can use her instead of the one they referred that I don't like. That also means I've checked off two of the four visits I need for that. I'm hoping I can keep her.

Answers finally

I finally got an answer, and I've been working on that for a few weeks. I've been having pain off and on, but I really thought it was the knees, and so did the rheumatologist. He said come back in six months, and oh, get an X-ray of your back. He decided it was my knees and my weight. Well, I got the x-ray of my back, but didn't get the results. I asked my chiropractor to look at them, and she shared them with me. Basically I have osteoarthritis of my lower back. The chiropractor has me on a decompression machine which isn't making it worse, and we should see results until next week. The rheumatologist is frustrating but I do sleep better with the gabapentin he prescribed. I'm going to talk to my primary care physician and see what he suggests next. I'm considering going back to physical therapy.

Status Update

First, I checked in with Jenny Craig yesterday and have lost another 2 pounds.  They measured me, and I’m not losing many inches.  Not sure what is going on through I will say I carry a lot of fat in my middle and the size of that is changing.  I don’t feel better, but several people have commented that they think I move better.

I continue to be amazed by the Misnamed 630G system.  I haven’t seen smoother blood sugars in a long time.  And yes, I tend to dose off the CGMS system.

Diet 2 Go Phone service

As long as the food tastes as good as mentioned on the Facebook, I’ll probably go with Diet2Go.  So I asked about setting up an account, and was directed to the 1-800 number and specifically to Rene.

She was pleasant, and took my credit card information as quickly as her computer would allow.

Nice experience.  I don’t use the phone often to contact companies, usually because I have to go through an answer tree.  Miss having a person answer the phone and direct the call properly.   However, they had already provided me an extension.

I’ll have to do a real call sometime next week.

Looking forward to my first box.

Health Issues

I alluded to some health issues.  Since the first of the year, with the Texas Teacher Retirement System, I’ve been dealing with and resolving as many health issues as I can.

Frankly my husband’s issue was too expensive to use on some of them.

First, I had been dealing with my teeth since the Fall when I was accepted as a patient by the school.  One of my crowns was completely rebuilt and it took from January to June to get it fixed.  I’m chewing MUCH better now.  We’re going to replace a few other crowns as we go, and we’re trying to stop the progression of gum disease.  A well known complication of diabetes.  The chewing helps the ability of doing food the lap band way.

Second, was sleep.  I needed a refresher course.  A lot of that is still choices, but at least when I go to bed I sleep all night and feel good the next day.

Third is diabetes control, and I think it is getting better.

Fourth is physical pain which keeps me from working out and sometimes sleep.  We discovered I was suffering from statin muscle pain and we’re working on getting me on the right cholesterol medication.  Went off it entirely for 6 weeks, pain went away.  I’ve been on Zetia (non-statin) for three weeks and no pain.  I’m working with Parker Chiropractic School on the joint pain.  That is interesting as I make good progress than he has to do a full exam, and I go back a few steps.  Right now my good knee is causing problems.

My latest issue is dizziness, this is my second round and I’m waiting on non-expired Nasonix to see if it solves the problem.  Should be in today.

Nothing serious but all contributing to my weight.

Weight Struggles and hoping for a solution

I have been struggling with my weight and at my heaviest for the last two year period.  I tend to stay in one scale decade and I”m at the top end.  I’ve been looking at how to change things, since I’ve got progress on all the medical fronts.

Well, I got an email last weekend with a review offer.  It’s called DietToGo and their main page is at 

They’ve offered to let me try a free week because they have a new meal plan called Balance-Diabetes.  I get my first food next week.   They have a blog post about it at though it’s designed for both Diabetic and Pre-Diabetic.   

For years I used a service in Dallas called Diet Gourmet but they went out of business.  I’m skeptical of a shipped program, but I’ll see.  I’ve tried some local services but I haven’t been happy with the food (too healthy and either too bland or too heavily spiced).  Also wasn’t happy with the service.

They have lots of online support, including a Facebook page and they encourage people to complain about the food (or not).