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"The Numbers"

Since the second person asked -- first, I think starting later on today I'll expand the entry abit, and I did post when I started it ...

It's something that one of the iShape members came up with, and it's called a Challenge.

CE = Clean Eating
CS = Cardio Session
SS = Strength Session

Over a fixed period, I think we're doing 6 weeks right now, we pick the number of days we'll do each. That's the second number.

The first number is where we are now.

So if you do a cardio session on a day, you add to the first number.

It's a head game, but one I'm finding works for me.

FS Personal Challenge

CE 1/25
CS 2/35
SS 1/28

After I went to the dentist I had to eat something chewy and the Diet Gourmet food wasn't. So I tossed it. I did do pretty well, instead of ordering the full dinner with sides from El Chico, I got the Chicken Chimichunga, cheese sauce, hot chips and cold hot sauce. Skipping rice and or bean calories.

So much better choice that in the past. I was good to go on the blood sugar 2 hours after (even a tad low), but was at 235 4 hours after. That's definately a extended bolus meal.