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Challenge Feed

Busy Week

I've had a busy week.  I've knocked out 2 1/2 days of staff development -- all on Wed Mastering topics.  Tuesday, the first day, made me remember just how tired I get in staff development.  Sitting still all day is hard work when you are used to running around the room. 

I am also working on test development for my district.  That's also stressful, but getting better.

I'm using a new style of insertion set -- clinical trial, and am having erratic blood sugars, but it could be the heat, the workshops, the stress from different work, or the phases of the moon. 

 My Fitness4Diabetics workouts are still going well, and also my food intake.  I've lost 15 pounds now, and I think I'm also starting to notice.  I'm up to 25 minutes of straight walking, which I couldn't do at the start.

I'm definitely going to resign the exercise the portion, haven't decided entirely on the nutrition, but I probably ought to since I'll be eating away from home during my Monroe and Pittsburgh trips.

Still working on planning Pittsburgh, but I'm pretty sure about Monroe right now -- I am planning to pack and start my drive after dog class on Monday night (several weeks from now), and getting some of the trip out of the way.  I am going to take my emergency CPAP battery and sleep on the road.  I have 3 dogs, so no one can really sneak up on me.  One thing I'm thinking about is getting my concealed carry license and carry a weapon but I have to find out about laws in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Same thing for my trip to Pittsburgh.

Very quick post

Had an excellent day (my Fitness 4 Diabetes coach even says so....

I got up, ran Marcie up to the vet for phenobarbal levels which are good.

Then when over to school, sat down and made sub notes, and made sure I had everything for field testing on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Picked up Diet Gourmet food and ran by Office Depot because I was out of ink and paper and it's 10% off teacher appreciate week.

Dropped that stuff off, went over to City Hall and voted in early voting.

Got back to meet A/C people at 11:00.  They sent out a guy to start tearing stuff out at 11:00 and the actual unit came at 1:00 pm just as they said they would on Saturday.

They were wonderful -- though next time, I'll go get the dog when the vet calls at 3:15.  They said we'd have cold air in an hour and figured that meant they would be done then.

They got done at 5:15. Just enough time to get Marcie at the vets and get to agility class 45 minutes early, even though we stopped and hung out at Petsmart for a few minutes -- FYI if you have to get your dog pills they make a dog food flavored thing you can hide the pills in.  It's the one thing I've found that the beagles won't eat while spitting out the pills.

Even hit the hot tub.

Man, it's nice to sleep in a cool, dry (it's been humid) house.

What I like about the IR1250

It's light. I've worn it now getting close to a day, and it is really much smaller and must lighter than the IR1000 was. I honestly don't feel it. It also takes up less room and shouldn't be as noticeable.

I like the ezBG feature. That's one feature they added on the IR1200 that I really really wanted, and even more so lately as my blood sugar has been a bit elevated. Food has been a bit out of control, and I have a favorite that I can't figure out how much to bolus for.

The food database on board is very easy to use, but I don't think they could make it easier. The backlight isn't very bright. I am sure that is to preserve battery power.

Overall it is definately an improvement.

I like the fact that it uses a AA Lithium battery. You can put a non Lithium in it but will not have as good battery life. I also like that they have a battery indicator on the main screen. The IR1000 didn't have that.

FS Day 20 Saturday Feb 5

Clean Eating 11/25
Cardio Session 17/35
Strength Session 15/28

iShape has me on too few calories which is bugging me. I'm going to 2300 calories for a while and see if that helps.

They had me as low as 1800, which really bothers me in lots of ways. First, I want more food than that. I would rather walk more than eat less. Second, I'm afraid it will put me in starvation mode, especially since I wasn't sleeping well last week.


Clean Eating 11/25
Cardio Session 15/35
Strength Session 13/28

I think I'm going to meet most of my goals. I think Saturday is the end of the third week on this challenge, and I'm definally going to get the strength one done. Should be able to do the cardio too.

Cleaning Eating has been hard, because iShape dropped both my cardio level and calorie level -- they do something called periodization. I've finally gotten myself to do 20 minutes on their off days. However, that puts me at a very big deficit so I'm trying to come up with a compromise on the calorie level. Today, I did 228 calories of cardio and ate an extra 100 calories.

Fresh Start Challenge - Wednesday

Clean Eating 6/25 -- birthday cake for coworker didn't help
Cardio Session 9/35
Strength Session 8/28

One thing I've found through my log books, etc. is that the strength sessions do more to pull my blood sugar levels down long term than just about anything I do. Cardio helps short term, and don't I know it. I went from 50 minute sessions per iShape to 20, and from 6 a week to 4 and man am I seeing higher blood sugars -- not bad just higher - and using more insulin.