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Diabetes Educators

Definately take advantage of Diabetes Educators.

I would caution though, that you look at the program. I was first sent to a company that educates in 2 8-hour days, in a classroom situation. They went out of business shortly after I took the class, so the majority of the benefits -- having someone to call and talk to when I had problems was not available.

The other problem is that to cover that material in such a long time period, they had to drive everything to the ground. The whole process was exhausting.

I went to a second company a few weeks ago. This one was organized MUCH better, and I recommend going to this type of diabetes education. This was one on one, 5 hours total.

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Why are you on Insulin -- Type 2's don't need insulin!

Going on insulin was my choice.

Glucophlage made me nuts. I didn't get a stomach upset, and I did lose a bunch of weight without effort. However, my blood sugars weren't going down, my anger level was very high which is not good in the high school classroom, the high sugar was making thinking difficult, and life in general wasn't good.

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The Beginning

If you don't have to do a glucose tolerance test DON'T.

I went to one unsuspecting, and the bad part was, that I probably had bad enough fasting blood sugars in a year's set of tests, to warrant skipping that.

So I tell people all the time, I "flunked" the glucose tolerance test, and that I didn't ... that is didn't tolerate glucose.

And see if you can find a lab that can process the blood immediately. I didn't get any treatment until the next Monday and even then we didn't know how bad off I was.

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The Beginning

I've decided to set up a weblog, about my experiences and research into diabetes.

I was diagnosed on September 30, 2002

Needless to say, it was a life altering event.

I have been dealing with several other problems prior to the diabetes, many of them, I'm sure attributed:

Sleep Apnea
Restless Leg Syndrome
Gastric Reflux Disease

I'm quite sure there is a major genetic component since my father died of congestive heart failure at 48, and was diagnosed with diabetes before then. Both his parents were also diagnosed with diabetes.