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Apidra Feed

Latest on the Apidra

Yes, I am still using it. I have another vial left.

I finally have my blood sugars at "normal". Today I was running around 110 with a total amount of insulin since midnight of 11 units. No corrections etc.

Lunch was 78 carbs, and 2 hours after I was at 141. Couldn't ask for much better.

I'm down to below 55 units of insulin, though may go up today. I tend to eat more on dog agility nights, partly because of the drive, partly to make sure I don't go low during class.

I still use more insulin with Apidra than I did with Novalog, though that might change if I can keep my exercise level up and my carb intake level low.

Went off and back on Novolog

I haven't been happy with my blood sugar since I've been on Apidra, my fasting blood sugars have been high, etc. However, they have been very stable and the site lasted a while.

Of course, something else may be going on, so I'll still keep up with everything -- and will have to since I think Apidra keeps the blood sugars high.

On vial 2

I'm not real happy with this insulin at this point, but I AM a guinea pig, and I'm not real sure it is a problem.

BUT I've had to up my carb ratios from 10-1 to 8-1 and from 9-1 to 7-1. I've also had to up my correction factor from 32 to 26.

I've also had to increase all my basal rates by .1 units.

That all means I'm taking more insulin. Like I said though, I'm not sure it is a problem, since I'm comparing Apples to Oranges. In other words, the reason that this insulin takes more insulin, is that it is not quite as effective as Novolog.

Note: don't take this gospel, your mileage may indeed vary, but it does show that all insulins are not quite equal.

It does seem to work faster in the long run though, which I think is a good thing.

Other good things: Sites last much longer. A good thing, since I am sending more insulin through the site.

Basal Rates

I finally broke down and changed my basal rates by 0.05 every time period.

I just am not getting the control with the Apidra that I had with the Novolog.

I've tweaked slowly -- first thing I did was to back down the IOB to 3.0 hours -- 3.5 worked fine with Novalog.

Then I tweaked the carb ratios, dropping them. I can see what is happening with carb ratios the easiest.

Then I dropped correction factor, but I'm actually seeing an increase in blood sugar during periods when I should have very little insulin in my system.

So now I've increased the basal rates.

Day 6

My sites seem to be lasting longer with Apidra. My site usually starts itching a bit on day two, and this one hasn't been. I'm going to try 3 days with this one and see how it goes.

I definately use more insulin with Apidra, and I'm having trouble getting things set right.

I'm not sure if it is the Apridra though, or the external stress I'm going through.

Day 3

After three days on Apidra I can start commenting intelligently.

It doesn't seem to really do anything for the first hour, but appears
to be gone within 3 hours. I've got my IOB (Animas 1250) set to 3
hours, and that seems to work best.

I had site reactions with humalog, and could always feel large boluses
go in with Novolog but I don't seem to feel Apidra.

At first I thought I was going to have to change my basals, but things
smoothed out pretty quickly -- changing the IOB to 3 did the most

Also another good lesson -- remember to change things one at a time!

Trying out Apidra

I went to see my CDE today -- she's been a bit concerned since I have been having higher blood sugars.

While I was there, she asked if I would try Apidra -- I think it's a clinical trial for their office only, but not sure. She said it would not be available until January but could provide me with free insulin if I would let her know how it works.

It's supposed to be more rapid acting than Novalog.

I'm a good guinea pig for them, because I am "glucose sensitive", allergic to Humalog, and use quite a bit of insulin.

So far, I have noticed it goes into the pump a bit smoother -- I can feel the Novalog when I do a bolus and did not feel the Apidra.

FYI: She says Apidra is piglatin for rapid.